Sunday, March 8, 2009

New week, new book

Hello my Manta Ray Readers! WE are starting a new week and you are starting on a new book. Please be vigilant on your postings because you don't want to be procrastinating on it before the quarter is about to end. I want more of a greater quality of input and that is possible when you are pacing yourself, such as blogging everyday. You should know which book you should be reading right now. For those of you just finished How to Ruin a Summer Vacation, you should be reading the sequel to it, How to Ruin my Teenage Life. For some who just finished with Son of the Mob should read City of Ember while others are reading How to Ruin my Summer Vacation. Those who just finished Hanging on to MAx will move on and read the Catalyst. I am posting the specific chapters to make sure to blog on the right book. As usual, you still need to read a chapter a day and write a blog with atleast 100 words about the chapter that you just read. Happy reading and no, I haven't given birth yet so I have enough time to read all your blogs. I am paying attention to those who haven't submitted theirs for a very long time and way due.


  1. Mrs. Napalan, please post the due dates for our postings!

  2. Ms. Napalan, i dont recall the book the city of ember. We were assigned to read the book "Friction", silent boy, then all american girl.(1st period)

  3. Mrs. Napalan, Could you please post new due dates for How to Ruin a Summer Vacation for March!! (It's my second book....)