Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chapter 1 - City of Ember

Who is narrating the book? Why do you think he/she is telling the story? Write your comments on the first chapter of City of Ember here.


  1. ms, when are the due dates for this book?

  2. I feel like this book tells a story about a different world. In this story, it is as if they are a lost world somewhere out there waiting to be found. But I don’t know, it’s just my opinion. First off, the City of Ember has this secret box, that’s supposed to be passed down to every new mayor and should be kept a secret. Unfortunately, the seventh Mayor who was less honorable was selfish enough to consider trying to break the box open. He managed to get a dent, but he died before telling anybody about it. So the sec

    Chapter 1 Assignment Day
    This is from the first persons view. Lina is the one narrating the story. She is the main character.As I mentioned earlier, this book feels like it’s from a different world. It was always dark. Anyways. Today was assignment day. I like this part. I like how they only take a few years of school, and are then given assignments. Lina selected PIPEWORKS LABORER, which meant she had to work below the streets of the City of Ember. She wanted to be a messenger. Then she switched with one of her classmates. I feel like since she is so curious about things and she is so into running, that she would really match as a messenger.

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  4. The city of ember, this is a book talk about long time ago, it is about long time ago, a different world. In this story instruction is talk about how they save the city, the City of Ember has a secret box, that’s supposed to be passed down to every new mayor and should be kept a secret, so they use the oldest way save it.
    Chapter 1
    In the chapter 1, the one narrating is Lina, she is a main character, when we enter in the book, a different world, so, they have a different way to live they life. This chapter is talk about Assignment Day, and Lina is chose about Pipeworks Laborer, which mean she had to work below the streets of the City of Ember. But, she want to be a messenger, and her classmate who name is Doon, also, when he read his work, have something to happen, so, Lina switched with him. Lina a girl who is so brave, she strives for its dream.

  5. Chapter1

    The person who wrote this story is Jeanne Duprau. I think Jeanne Duprau is a girl. She talk about how city of ember was built like the chief builder and the assistant builder, both of them weary, sat down and she talk about what school she go and which row of the class she’s sitting and a person who sits in the row. I think the book “city of Ember” is good to read.

    When I read that story, I remember my first day of school. I was really nervous and scare. Because that time I really don’t know how to speak English. But now I have a many people and they help me. So I feel like first day of school.

  6. Chapter 1” assignment day”
    I think this chapter is going to be base on students assign for a job for the summer but only around school areas well that’s what I think the chapter is going to be about oh and by the title

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  8. The book is being told by the author Jeanne DuPrau. She’s telling it in third person point of view and her reasons I don’t know. I just think she’s one of those authors who imagine “What-If?”
    Because what if the world came to an end, and the only way to survive was in this place, City of Ember.
    It sucks how you choose your career, based on what you pick out of a bag. I can’t imagine how people can go through that, and put up with it.
    What’s curious about this book is the title too, Ember means glowing or smoldering remains of a dying fire, which sounds like the city. That’s the city I imagine, on the brink of destruction, of a dying city.

  9. The book is from a third person’s point of view. The person’s telling this story because it’s differs from the life we live today. I like the beginning of this book because it has an interesting past. Every Mayor of Ember has special directions for a secret box. This secret box has instructions for every year that passes, when it came to the seventh mayor he didn’t follow the instructions and he thought that the book had information for his sickness. He tried so many times to open the box; however the box wouldn’t open until its specific date. The seventh mayor died while trying to open the box and he left the box in his closet where no one would find it.

    Chapter One, The City of Ember is really different from the life we live in now. Supplies were limited and they mostly depended on day time light. What’s interesting is, when you get out of school you have a job. For Lina, I think she was ungrateful when she found out she didn’t get the job she wanted. If I was living in a place like that, I would be thankful for any job because I’m helping out my town and any help is better than none. Lina got the job Pipe works Laborer but then she traded with her friend Doon for his job the messenger. I guess she really fits with the job because she knows her town and all the people that live there. I like this book it’s really interesting.

  10. Ch. 1 (Assignment)
    When I first started to read this chapter the story seems so dead as if everything in the city of ember was dark. This book was interesting for me but at first I thought it was boring. It was scary as if the city didn’t have life. It’s kind of scary to hear or think about how maybe lights in Ember might not come back. If I was in this city I would just decide to leave for a while and just go back when the darkness is gone.

  11. Chapter one.. first person is explaining how the city of Ember looks like. I can imagine how gloomy it is. The city seems like it is old and people in city was having hard time of blackouts. And it was interesting that after they graduate from school, they get a job. Today people are having hard time to get a job, but this city gives them a free job. What a nice city is Ember… I wish I could live there. Lina and Doon seems like they are the main characters in this book. And they didn’t like the job they assigned. Well at last they trade their job and looks like they are satisfy with it.

  12. When I started reading the first chapter, because this book’s title and the book cover are dark and heavy, I thought the story line might be about horror or murder. However, when I read about the ambience of the city of Ember which has frequent power outage and unstable economy, I thought that this story will not start with happy moment as same as other books do. I was pretty in shocked about the fact that there is an Assignment Day that actually GIVES the students following jobs despite of their skills or interests. I thought that this discourage the growing youth’s dreams and enthusiasm. But when Lina exchanged her job with Doon who also wanted her job, I thought that it might bring our events through her being a messenger!

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