Sunday, May 31, 2009

My favorite book that I've read in the Reading Rave booklist is ...

Make sure to give the complete title of your book and the author. Make sure that you have clear introduction, body (reasons for choosing the book), and a conclusion. You have a lot of books to choose from and you have over a week to complete this task. Make sure to check the mechanics of your blog (grammar, spelling, etc.). I hope that you'll continue reading and share your fondness of the books you've read to your friends and classmates. As always, it's been a pleasure to have read with you in this class. Mrs. Sudi Napalan

I am currently reading My Sister's Keeper for my own leisure reading. I love the books written by Jodi Picoult. They make you think and she takes you to a journey on the social issues that we have in our society. I hope you'll pick up one of her books to read in the future. If you are interested, you can start with the Pact, Nineteen Minutes or Plain Truth. The main characters are students your age. Again, happy reading!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Chapter 26 - All American Girl

What do you think about the ending of the book? What do you think the sequel for this book will be about?

Chapter 25 - All American Girl

What do you think about the events in Chapter 25? Tell me about it. No word limits.

Chapter 24 - All American Girl

What do you think about Samantha's interview with Candace Wu? Do you think her confession will bring about something positive? How about Lucy and Jack's break-up, do you think Lucy was right dumping Jack because of Samantha? Would you have done the same if you were in her place?

Chapter 23 - All American Girl

Sam went to Susan Boone's house to talk to her. What did she realize at the end of her conversation with her teacher? What would you do after finding out the truth?

Chapter 22 - All American Girl

Sam gives her melo-dramatic reasons why she would most likely die young. Do you think there are facts behind her reasons? What would you do if you were in her place?

Chapter 21- All American Girl

If you were in Sam's place and the president gave you the freedom to choose any teen concerns (those that Sam mentioned), what project will you go for and why? Do you think any of these projects are more important than the others? How so?

Chapter 20 - All American Girl

Do you think Rebecca was right about Sam when she made the statement, " you are completely blind to what's in front of you?" What does she mean by that statement? If you were in Sam's situation, what would you do?

Chapter 19 - All American Girl

Do you think David was right about Sam? If you were David, would you have confronted Sam that way? If you were Sam, would you have reacted the same way? Sam listed the 10 facts about Dolley Payne Todd Madison. Why do you think she was paying attention to those facts? Do you think this relate to her situation in anyway? In what way?

Chapter 18 - All American Girl

What do you think about Jack, was he right about his theories about Sam, Picasso, and painting? Do you think Sam should have honestly answered David's question? How do you think he will react if she answered him the truth?

Final Stand Tall

Do you think the book ended well? What did you get out of reading the story? If you were to write the ending of the book, what will you write?

Chapter 31 - Stand Tall

Sophie and Tree were talking about the tree including the other plants that surrounds it - bush, vines weeds. "They all mean nothing," according to Sophie. Do you think she is comparing them to Tree's life and the people that he comes in contact with? Who do you think they are or what events in his life was she referring to? Was Sophie right?

Chapter 30 - Stand Tall

On page 175, Tree narrates, " In school, he and Sophie walked down the hall and Amber and her friends moved far aside fast when they saw them coming." How and why do you think this happened? Is this change "good" for Tree and his friends?

What do you think he means when he said, " phantom pain does get better."

Chapter 29 - Stand Tall

Grandpa says, " The best thing about a sledgehammer is how it lets you release your frustration." Do you think he is right? Do you think all the three brothers were able to release their frustrations through the sledgehammer? Is there a significance of them breaking down the wall on their house? How so?

Chapter 28 - Stand Tall

Do you think Tree is still hoping that his parents would get back together again? Do you think he has given up? Do you think Tree's parents will still get together?

Chapter 27 - Stand Tall

Tree and Sophie took a walk to the park and saw the giant oak tree. Describe the tree. Why do think this is significant to Tree? If you were to be represented by another living thing, what would that be and why?

Chapter 26 - Stand Tall

Tree cried at the end of the chapter. Why do you think this happened? Would you have done the same if you were in his situation? Why or why not?

Chapter 25 - Stand Tall

Grandpa comments on the ending of the chapter, " A flood is like a war, because it can take so much with it." What do you think this means? Give some personal examples.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chapter 24 - Stand Tall

Please post your comments on Chapter 24 of Stand Tall here

Chapter 23 - Stand Tall

Please post your thoughts and comments about the characters and events on Chapter 23 of Stand Tall.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Books of your choice

So you have developed a hunger for reading and you are on your own.... If you have chosen to read a book that is not on the reading list, make sure to write what you think about the book that you are reading. Tell me about the characters, the plot and the events in the book that you find interesting. You should not limit your blog to these requirements but write about your thoughts or developed ideas from reading your book of choice. Good luck and have fun reading!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Chapter 17 - All American Girl

What do you think about the reactions of Samantha's family and friends on taking David (the first son) to the party? How would you have reacted differently from Samantha? Explain.

Chapter 16 - All American Girl

Samantha asked David to go with her to the party for the sole reason of making Jack (Lucy's boyfriend) jealous. Would you do the same if you were Samantha? Why or why not? What would you do differently?

Chapter 15 - All American Girl

Samantha remembers the term "frisson" that her sister mentioned in the previous chapter. What does that term mean? Why do you think she suddenly thought of the term? What event made her realize that it is true/untrue in her life?

Chapter 14 - All American Girl

Do you think Samantha and Catherine are falling apart in their friendship? Why or why not?

Chapter 13 - All American Girl

What does it mean to be a part of the "In Crowd"? Samantha makes a list of the ways to tell that you are a part of the In Crowd, do you think she's right?

Chapter 12- All American Girl

David finds Samantha when she went to flush the food to the toilet. What happens next? What do you think about it?

Chapter 11- All American Girl

Tell me what you think about the White House dinner with the family and the American President's family.

Chapter 1 - Nothing But the Truth

The book's title is Nothing but the Truth. What do you think the title means? Why do you think the author gave this book the particular title?

Chapter 1 - Pool Boy

The title of the book is Pool Boy. Why do you think the author gave this book this particular title.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chapter 22 - Stand Tall

What do you think about Bradley's near-death experience? Did you expect that it would turn out like it did at the end of the chapter? Explain.

Chapter 21 - Stand Tall

Tree's mom came over to their house. At the end of the chapter, Tree listened to her parent's laugh. What do you think came to his mind while listening to them? What do you think he feels about the whole situation? How do you think Tree is dealing with his parent's divorce?

Chapter 20 - Stand Tall

Sheila, the dance instructor says, " the tango is about despair and emotional power. It was born during the time of economic hardship. People danced it to express the sadness in their hearts." In the end of the chapter, the last three sentences says, " The music ended. But not the pain, That's the point of the tango." How does these two statements relate to Tree's life or Sophie's. What do you think these statements means.

Chapter 19 - Stand Tall

Please post your thoughts about the events and characters on Chapter 19 here.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

City of Ember - Overall

Based on your reading experience, how do you rate this book and why? What would you have change it different to make it perfect? Will you read the sequel to the book? Why or why not?

Chapter 20 - City of Ember

The diary entry of the unknown lady who is entering the city of Ember tells her story. Give me the details of how City of Ember came about?
Mrs. Murdo finds the note from Lina and Doon, do you think the people from Ember will listen? Why?

Chapter 19 - City of Ember

How do you feel about the world that you are living in now after reading about it in the perspective of Lina, Doon and Poppy? Do you think the new earth that they live in is any different from what we have now? Is there any moral that you picked up as you are ending the story in the book? What is it?

Chapter 18 - City of Ember

How would you feel if you were Lina or Doon going to a place unknown? If you experience what they had gone through, will you still go? Why?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chapter 18 - Stand Tall

Please post your thoughts or comments about the events in Chapter 18 here.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chapter 17 - Stand Tall

Please post your thoughts and comments on Chapter 17 here.

Chapter 16 - Stand Tall

Please post your thoughts and comments on Chapter 16 here.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chapter 17 - City of Ember

Doon doubted if Lina will be able to make it to the Pipeworks. If you were in his shoe, not knowing what happened to Lina, will you still go on with your search for a way out of Ember? Do you think Lina's decision to bring Poppy to the journey was wise? Why or why not?

Chapter 16 - City of Ember

In the City of Ember there are three songs that they sing. Do you think the song signifies something? What do you think they mean?

Chapter 22 - Friction

The book shows Alex's letter to Simon. What do you think about it? If you were Simon, what would you tell Alex in your response letter? Do you like the ending of the book? What would you have done better?

Chapter 21 - Friction

Alex sees Simon again for the last time. Do you think Simon has the right to be mad at Alex? What does he mean by this, "Behind every lie, there's some grain of truth." What would you say to Simon if you were Alex?

Chapter 20 - Friction

What do you think about Alex and Tim's friendship after reading the whole book (almost)? Do you think their friendship is changing? How so? Do you think Alex's parents are right about their decision about not letting Tim sleepover anymore? Do you have a friendship that is similar? How so?

Chapter 19 - Friction

Explain why Tim is hurt by Simon. Do you think he's got the right to be hurt? If you were Tim, what would you have said or done to Simon when he came to say goodbye in school? Why?

Chapter 18 - Friction

Simon is suspended, Stacy is home - sick and Alex comes to school after the investigation. Alex finds out more about Stacy when she went to her house. Would you have hated Stacy for what she's done? If you were Alex and would have another chance to talk to Stacy, what would you say?

Chapter 17 - Friction

There's so much things going on in this chapter. If you were one of the students in the school (either Alex, Stacy, Tim or any other student) what would you tell the police about Simon? How do you feel about all of the events in this chapter?

Chapter 16- Friction

If you were Alex or Tim, would you have told Simon about Stacy? Do you think that keeping a secret about what Alex saw at Stacy's house hurt anyone? How about what she saw and what happened in McDonalds with Simon? If you were Simon,what would you have done or said differently?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chapter 15- City of Ember

The people in Ember do not have what we have in our world. They are not familiar with blue skies, treetops, and many other things. If you were going to live in such a limited world, how will you live it? If you know that food is running out soon and the City of Ember will not have power supply, will you still worry about Singing? Why or why not?

Chapter 14 - City of Ember

Lina and Doon are making quite a lot of strides on their discoveries. Do you think they'll find a way out of City of Ember. If you were Doon and Lina and the directions given are very uncertain, will you still follow? Why or why not?

Chapter 13 - City of Ember

Clary made a statement in this chapter which says, " There is so much darkness in Ember, Lina. It's not just outside, it's inside us, too. Everyone has some darkness inside. It's like a hungry creature. It wants and wants and wants with a terrible power. And the more you give it, the bigger and hungier it gets." Do you think this statement is true? How so?

Chapter 12 - City of Ember

What were Lina and Doon's discoveries? Do you think their decision to others about it was right? Why or why not?

Chapter 15 - Stand Tall

Describe Bradley. How important is Bradley to the family? Do you think it's true that he'll live if he had something to chase? How does that concept apply for Tree's family?

Chapter 14 - Stand Tall

Why do you think Tree had to tell his mom the statement, " You've got to laugh, Mom. If you don't, you'll cry." What do you think that means to Tree's family?

Chapter 13 - Stand Tall

Describe the Christmas Eve for their family. How does each of the family members deal with the divorce? Do you think they are justified? Why or why not?

Chapter 15 - Friction

What do you think about the idea of visiting Stacy? If you were Alex, will you force her to visit her and apologize? Do yo think Stacy is telling the truth about Simon? Why or why not?

Chapter 14 - Friction

If you were Tim, would you have said the same things to Alex? Do you think he's got the right to be upset to Alex? Why or why not?

Chapter 13 - Friction

If you were Alex, what will you do or say to Stacy? Will you tell Simon about all the rumors that Stacy is spreading around? Why or why not?

Chapter 12 - Friction

If you were Alex, will you feel a little awkward with Simon? Why or why not? If you were Tim, what would you say to Stacy and to Alex? Would you talk to any of the girls?

Chapter 11- Friction

The kissing game. Tell me what you think about the spinning the bottle game. Do you think Stacy's statements are true? What do you think will happen next?