Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chapter 9 - How to Ruin my Teenage Life

Please post your thoughts about Amy's behavior and actions on chapter 9 of How to Ruin my Teenage Life here.


  1. Amy is sort of in trouble again. She set up a date for Ron with a woman named Kelly. It didn’t seem that bad, but lying is bad! She needs to ask. What if things really went bad? Then that’s all her fault. Too bad she had to treat Ron and Kelly for causing the trouble. She gets what she deserves. I still kind of feel sorry for her because I know she wants to help her dad. Still, if I was in her situation, I wouldn’t want to do this. It just causes more trouble and complications. The advice Nathan gives Amy is true, but Amy just doesn’t know how to control herself when she hears these things. I think this is what’s called a ‘teenage life.’

  2. Chapter 9
    I kind of like it when Amy helps people even though her pride seems to pop out with her actions at the same time. But her dad doesn't seem to appreciate it because he is addicted to his own job life as a top secret worker. But it took a lot out of her paycheck in order to make up for her father and his "date", Kelly. I don't think she should be in trouble but that's how it goes. If I were to do that... I would hide myself from the scene and watch. Nathan on the other hand, is too mean to her bu I guess he has personal problems too. But other than that, it's a great chapter.

  3. Amy can't control herself! She set up a date for her dad with this lady named Kelly. Isn't she enough with her punishment and everything her dad is scolding about?! I know she wants to help the dad out but she shouldn't just do it without her dad's permission. She's going beyond the line. I wonder what's her next punishment for this? It's really embarrassing for Kelly when she found out that it was a set up from Amy. So Amy had to serve and pay for the food. Her dad has his ways of getting out of this but Amy just keeps trying. She never gives up on him.

  4. so she is waiting for her fathers date to arrive at the cafe so that she can meet her and set up her dad with this very strange woman that her and her father have never met . i think she is being very lazy and she just . to take any order but to just wait for kelly her dads date to come to the cafe.

  5. I thought the matchmaking date service website was a fake fraud that sets up people with random people, but it turns out that a person named Kelly really does exist! The weird thing is Ron and Kelly actually met; I believed that no one could meet their mates online, but maybe I was wrong. The sudden date seemed to startle both of them, especially Ron because he didn’t know about this the whole time. Anyways, I hope the two get to meet each other often, even though it looks like Ron will never meet anyone again. Seriously, Ron is too fed up with his work that he doesn’t seem to have a life- or a LOVE LIFE, in the least.
    What Amy just blurted without conscience to Nathan was clearly wrong; how could you say “At least I have parents” to a kid who’s probably an orphan? That’s the cruelest mock I can ever imagine a person could say. Yes, maybe Nathan stuck his nose in Amy’s business with her dad about the online date, but she should’ve said something more mature than that. Great disappointment and shame…

  6. At last Amy father met women, but he got very confused for meeting. So…. I just think about that feeling. Because he met; he doesn’t know that person. So… that feeling I think…really nervous…If I was Ron, I try think about marriage. Because I think she need mom. Because she is only teenager so….she really need that. And I try changed his mind. Like I say “father I want mom. I want perfect family. So, father think about more women.” Amy really needs my speech. I think she need mom. She really need; because she shock for her real mom. So, I think she need for woman.

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