Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chapter 20 -SIlent Boy

Please post your comments on Chapter 20 of the Silent Boy here. Have a great weekend!


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  2. This chapter was once again as short as the others. I like the part when Katy and Austin finally got married, had children, and grandchildren as well. It was thought how both their parents bought them the long ago, burned down flour mill, which they then fixed up and turned into a home. It was interesting how Katy really became a doctor as she always wanted t be. Also how she always had that memory of the touched boy standing by the grindstone. Though this book was very touching I didn’t like the sad ending. I’d rather prefer happily ever afters.

  3. In 1928, Katy and Austin married and both of their parents bought a property to gave it to them for wedding gift. It was the burned mill. The building untouched after it burned for many years, so Katy and Austin took 2 years to fixed it as a house. The cars were common on that days and Katy's children grew up there. Their grandchildren brought theirs until Austin died. Austin was a historian and he took most of his time in his office to wrote and looked out at the creek missing rushing past.

  4. Katy was old now she a doctor like her father she got married to her neighbor Austin Bishop, they renovated the mill factory that was burned down years ago, she was so happy with her life because shes a doctor like her father who would work in the middle of the night, she sometimes thought about Jacob of where is he now where does he live and is he still doing those strange sound affects that Katy found it was so amazing, me growing up and thinking to be a doctor is not a good thing because I puke so fast even just looking at someone bleeding, being a doctor is not my field.

  5. I really like this chapter because it’s about Katy and Austin. Katy and Austin got married and their parents bought the property of Schuyler’s Mill and gave them as a wedding gift. They fixed it to a house and when I saw the picture of the house, it looks really nice and big. I was so happy and surprised when I read about Katy because she became a doctor like her father. I felt so sad because Austin died and now Katy is a loner. And I was really touched when Katy talks about her memories and a silent boy.

  6. I thought the last chapter of the book was cool. Katy got married with Austin and had kids that brought their kids over to her place to visit. I found nit funny because of the time when she caught paul and nellie in the barn, there she is married with a man, and kids that have kids. lol, it's funny i never thought this would happen, it made the ending of the book really nice. I really like htis book, at first i thought i wasnt going to keep upwith the reading but i did it and i'm proud. it's pretty interesting...

  7. Chapter 20 Schuyler’s Mill, After
    Receiving a land as a wedding gift is great! I can’t believe they actually bought that place. By then the author is old already and got to see car’s as a everyday transportation. I can’t believe she also married Austin it freaked me out. Katharine lived really long, considering she met her grandchildren and she was a great grandmother. I would like to live that long and meet my grand children too, perhaps great great grandchildren. She’s been through a lot and I take back the boring things along this book. It was great after all and really made me think and I liked it a lot.

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  9. I thought The Silent Boy was a pretty good book except that it sort of left me hanging at the end. Plus it was really sad at the end and I think that the ending was really bad, otherwise it was a pretty good book, but it's not on my MUST READ list.

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  10. I think this book was all right. I am 13 and like reading alot. I enjoy lots of great books but this book "the silent boy" was not on my great list. I rated this book 2 out of a possible 5. I recomend this book to 10 year olds.

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  14. I low this book. And live reading it aloud to my own spawn. The videos on YouTube are pretty great, too.
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