Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chapter 16 - How to Ruin My Teenage Life

Please post what you think about chapter 16 of How to Ruin my Teenage Life here.


  1. I was sort of mad because of Mitch at the beginning of this chapter. I can’t believe that going out with someone can be so easy for him. I want to tell Jessica just to forget about that kind of guy. Amy kind of argues with a friend named Raine, but I think she was mean. She didn’t have to talk about people that are different from her. I’m proud of Amy because she’s knows how to defend her people and she doesn’t avoid or talk about Miranda just because she’s not popular. Amy and Nathan are pretending to be a couple at school, and I don’t think that’s a right thing to do. Amy should think about Avi and Nathan should think about Bicky. The biggest surprise in this chapter is when Avi shows up. He came to Chicago! And now that Avi saw Nathan, Amy’s kind of in trouble.

  2. Chapter 16
    This book is like a sitcom or some kind of reality show where troubles just pop out nowhere nad causes everyone to go crazy and go all out on each other. But I too, get really angry at people who can't handle the trouble when it's so simple but I think it's harder for some people just like Amy or others who have too much pride and are stubborn to let it down. Mitch on the other hand, I just want to kill him. Ditching a relationship with Amy (Even though she wanted it to happen), to be with her best friend, Jessica. But what's even worse, I want to destroy him for hurting their feelings by being with another girl! What surprised me though is that Avi came back! But Nathan and Amy are acting as a couple! Can things get even better than this?

  3. When it comes to friends, Amy is there to back them up. Amy doesn't want Jess to go through what she and Mitch had when they were together. She wants it better for Jess. Mitch is a jerk afterall. After all this talking about "Jess and Mitch," Nathan can be somewhat conceited. Just because he kissed Amy, he thinks he's cool already. Amy wanted to talk to him, maybe about that kissing incident, but I guess he's thinking the other way around. I wasn't surprised to hear that Avi actually came to visit Amy. I knew he would come and visit her. Amy was shocked when he saw him standing in front of her building while Nathan has his arm around her. Whoa! I wonder what she has to say and what Avi is going to do about it. I think he's all fired up inside when he saw Amy with another guy. I can imagine him wanting to kill that boy with Amy. I can't wait to see what's going to happen in the next chapter!

  4. Chapter 16
    I think that boy did was wrong to break up with Jessica before the Valentine dance. I really think that is wrong what he did was really rude and mean to break up with and to tell her friend to lie off is very mean and I think what she is doing is right. She’s talking to him and about what he did wrong to do that to a girl that’s her friend.I can imagine him wanting to kill that boy with Amy. I can't wait to see what's going to happen in the next chapter!

  5. / Mitch is such a jerk! He’s the most horrid, rude, and lame guy any girl could imagine. I can’t believe that both Amy and Jessica actually dated him; he is SO not worth flirting. The last guy that’ll be on my I-wish-he-was-my-boyfriend list will be a boy who knows nothing about committing to only one girl, or in other words, Mitch.
    / I know exactly how Amy felt when Raine said a very un-cool remark about Amy’s religion. Even though it really wasn’t directly about Jews, the statement “big Jewish honker of hers” really underrates the religion, hurting a piece of Amy’s heart. I hate it when other people don’t know what they’re talking about and blabber their mouths with nonsense. If it’s especially about my religion, I’d go raging mad. Amy did a good job in handling these situations, by carefully and calmly explaining how she feels and not raging into anger (like what I would’ve done…haha).
    / Although Amy really acted like a martyr or something a while ago, she failed to give up her popularity. She gave up her ego to sit with Raine, and gave up the courage to sit with the not-so-popular group. That wasn’t a very nice move for such a religious girl who just defended herself a few seconds ago; I believe Amy knows better than that.
    / Ooh!!!! Amy is SO busted by Avi! How did Avi come to Chicago anyways? This is such a flip that capsized the drama into a whole different level! I’m so excited about Avi’s reaction when he finds out about the Nathan-kiss incident.

  6. Mitch is really bad guy because he met Amy and Jessica actually both. That guy is playboy like chapter before kissed Nathan. I think…in this book everybody is......playboy~ I think. This is not important part in this chapter because this chapter have really important thing that is Amy’s problem. Avi come to Chicago!!! Avi was standing at the front of Amy’s building. And he watch her and walk toward him with Nathan’s arm around her. And I don’t understand Amy thought. She thought “why he’s here, how long he’s going to stay, or if he still cares about me” I don’t understand that….because he came back!! She will be happy because she’s boyfriend. But she doesn’t. And Avi said “who’s this guy?” woow ~ I think Avi got mad….because other guy is with Amy and his arm around her. So… Next chapter is really expectation.