Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chapter 7 - How to Ruin my Teenage Life

Please post your thoughts about Amy's behavior and actions on chapter 7 of How to Ruin my Teenage Life here.


  1. Chapter 7
    I didn't know that Amy needed conversion classes but since she is part Jewish now then I guess it makes sense. I think it's great she finds the time to actually enjoy learning about her newly found out religion! So now Amy has another thing to focus on which is her job and at least she gets paid for it. Studying for classes, finding out what the new guy, Nathan thinks about her, thinking about Avi, I believe it's stressing to have a lot in mind even though focusing on something important doesn't seem to get in the way. I hope she feels better and something turns out for the best in the next chapter.

  2. Ron makes a suggestion. He wants Amy to work so she can pay back the money she charged with the credit card. What a waste of money. Amy did all this for Ron, but he doesn’t even bother to go out to dates. He’s still not interested. Amy tells her complaints to this guy named Rabbi Glassman. Now this is the type of people I what to read about. It gives me comfort while I ‘m reading. I feel like I’m telling someone my complaints and their listening to me. It seems like all my troubles will go away. After school, Amy works at the café for her punishment. Now she’ll learn her lesson and realize how hard it is to make money.

  3. Now that she has a job, I think things will be going so well with her and her father. She's paying back the money that she spent on her dad's credit card. I think that's fair. As for Amy, she has a lot of things going on in her so called "ruined life." She's still thinking about that Nathan and especially Avi. She has Avi already. Why can't she just stick with one?! I don't know but, if Avi finds out about this Nathan, I think he's going to do something about it. I wonder if Avi will come and visit? If he does, it's going to be so interesting and exciting. Hopefully, Amy and Avi don't break up.

  4. Chapter # 7
    I think Amy is starting to do good by talking to a rabbi she is expressing her emotions towards the rabbi and I think she is in seek for help to pay her dad back for how much she spent on the internet. So Amy is starting to study her faith being a Jewish girl she went to Israel and she did know anything about her faith. UN till she got there and started to study her faith. I hope she feels better and something turns out for the best in the next chapter.

  5. I'm not a Jewish follower or anything (I'm actually Catholic Christian), but I definitely agree with Rabbi Glassman's wise words. What he said about everything coming down to trust and faith seemed very true, and no one could disagree with that fact. Breaks of friendship and love goes down to the break of trust and the spread of doubt within the people. I'm glad I learned something very valuable from this chapter!
    That's not the only thing I learned from Rabbi Glassman; the tip about letting people choose their own paths is something to learn for people who like to sneak into other's business. Sure, giving some helpful advice to people with problems is fine, and trying to help solve the situation is great. However, some things are for only one person to decide and control; seriously, it's THEIR life.
    This chapter was something like a teacher to me, and I learned alot from it.

  6. She talks Rubby for agony. That agony was refers to father. So, Robby said “people just look around the way.” I agree that. That was really good message for us. We need to way. I mean…that was future or dream and now situation….anything. so, I like that massage. So, I think about my way and think about what is my problem. So, I want find the my answer and way.