Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chapter 12 - How to Ruin my Teenage Life

Please post what you think about chapter 12 of How to Ruin my Teenage Life here.


  1. Amy is in a little fight with Jessica. I think it's hard for them to understand each other's situation because they're both going through tough things. They're too busy thinking of themselves. They want someone to listen to their problems and give solutions to it, but it's not easy. This is something that happens often between me and my friends. Amy just kissed Nathan in the elevator! How can she do that? WHat about Avi! Sometimes, I just don't understand what's in Amy mind. Well, it's still good to see her making new friends I think Miranda is a nice friend.

  2. Chapter 12
    I think best friends over react when they fight, even though it is a big deal. I would understand if Amy and Jessica fight over rumors but when it comes to something like disagreeing with each other just one time, I get really mad. I mean, I disagree with my friend and I don't see them having grudges on me! Sometimes, I think girls tend to go over the line with each other, even though I am one myself. Amd Amy kissing Nathan in the elevator... Wow. It's not that she's cheating or anything, but I think that's a bad thing to do. But I guess I'll have to keep on reading!

  3. I knew something was going to happen between Amy and Nathan. See! They kissed in the elevator. That may not mean something but later it's going mean something. Amy is in big trouble. How will she confess to Avi that she kissed this Nathan guy? Avi will be so disappointed. Amy is easily tempted. She surely can't resist from temptation. Now she has another load of problem. I hope this fling thing with Amy and Nathan ends before Avi comes or whenever. What if he was actually there standing outside the elevator watching them? It's a shame for Amy. I've never been in her kind of situation but I think it has to stop. I mean stop with the fling and all.

  4. I think they should stop fighting and just getting along and be friends and I think jess shouldn’t have done that to her when she was about to apologize to her and say thanks .. Hope this fling thing with Amy and Nathan ends before Avi comes or whenever. What if he was actually there standing outside the elevator watching them? It's a shame for Amy.

  5. . Again, Amy just HAD to show off her pride and break the friendship with two of her friends, both Miranda and Jessica. Why is it that Amy can’t give up her rude side of her personality? It’s like she’s mad with the world every day. Well, I think the good side about Amy, being bright, confident, and straight up, is great to qualify as a wonderful teenager, but I recommend her to stop going overboard with her actions. If only Amy throws the rude attitude she carries, I’m 100% sure she would never have a fight in her whole entire life. Seriously, it’s as if she can’t change her behavior.
    . Even though she ruined the relationship with her friends, Amy manages to apologize to Miranda, and tries to solve it with Jessica. At least Miranda has a personality that is slow to anger and rich in kindness; Jessica is a girl with a big temper that is hard to soothe. I know this because I’ve had some situations I had to apologize- and I assure you- saying sorry is a very difficult thing to do; asking forgiveness is really harder than you think. I hope everything goes fine with Jessica and Amy, and I also hope that they go back together as best friends.

  6. I don’t know Amy’s feeling because she got angry. I don’t know the reason. So, Amy fight again with another friend…her name is Miranda. I though why she got mad and why she feeling bad….so…I have found the answer. That was chapter 11 meeting was talk about religion and more knowing myself. So…. I think she thing about she self. Before like she got happen…..for mom and dad and boyfriend. So she got little headache. And that was really talk about with friend. End of chapter Amy said sorry for Miranda. That part was really good part ^^. That is friend.

  7. I really enjoyed 'How to Ruing a Summer Vacation,' but I LOVED this sequel. I was laughing so hard during the walkie-talkie incident that my family made me stop reading and explain.

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  8. I'm feeling a little tired today. Why? Because I reading HOW TO RUIN MY TEENAGE LIFE by Simone Elkeles. This book mesmerized me and kept me turning the pages well into the wee hours of the morning.

    Rarely a sequel lives up to the first book. HOW TO RUIN MY TEENAGE LIFE far surpasses in wit, humour, and charm.

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