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My favorite book that I've read in the Reading Rave booklist is ...

Make sure to give the complete title of your book and the author. Make sure that you have clear introduction, body (reasons for choosing the book), and a conclusion. You have a lot of books to choose from and you have over a week to complete this task. Make sure to check the mechanics of your blog (grammar, spelling, etc.). I hope that you'll continue reading and share your fondness of the books you've read to your friends and classmates. As always, it's been a pleasure to have read with you in this class. Mrs. Sudi Napalan

I am currently reading My Sister's Keeper for my own leisure reading. I love the books written by Jodi Picoult. They make you think and she takes you to a journey on the social issues that we have in our society. I hope you'll pick up one of her books to read in the future. If you are interested, you can start with the Pact, Nineteen Minutes or Plain Truth. The main characters are students your age. Again, happy reading!


  1. I really think that this book is great because it is a story about a boy named Sam who did it with girl named Brittany and she just delivered and took off. I think that some day that she is going to regret what she did to the father and the baby named max.
    I think this book is a really good book to inspire teens that think before what you do not do before what think. This book is really good and I like the fact that this father is not complaining about the baby I think that he is a true father towards the baby and I think that he is going to receive great things later on in life.
    I really like this book because it showed me that in life you can’t always get what you really want and I think that you always have to be ready for the unexpected things to be headed your way it think that I really learned a lot from reading this book and I think all students should try reading this book and just wonder how it will feel if you were that mom or that father how hard it is for him to go to school wondering if his baby is okay or not.
    I think that this book is a great lesion to learn from and the fact that this book is talking about life which is the most important thing for each person, I think that what the moral of the story is do what you have to do but make sure you finish school first before you do anything else in life.

  2. If there is anything fun to read, I'll read them and choose all as my favorites. It was hard for me to pick only one book, but the book which I read with most interest and excitement is Meg Cabot's [All American Girl]. A story about Samantha, teenage outcast, saving the president and falling in love with his son, this novel has caught my eye the minute I saw it; I couldn’t let go.
    About how many people out of the nation would be the one to save the president's life from assassination? The whole situation of a murder attempt is very rare, and a teenage girl rescuing the president from such danger is even more uncommon! A typical, dull unrealistic drama could've sounded a very boring and unoriginal, but it was actually fresh and fun. This fantasy scenario makes the book even more amusing, which lets me daydream about fantasies of my own. Plus, it also shows how there can be a day of a miracle that could permanently change your life; Surprises and new blasts are always there waiting for you to come!
    At first, Samantha keeps putting herself down, thinking herself as imperfect, lame outsider who desperately wishes to be like her model celebrity, Gwen Stefani. However, as she is influenced by the people around her, and as she goes through different situations, she realizes the importance of herself, how she’s more than what she thinks. I am impressed how Sam gets to understand the significance of her existence and individuality, and I wish many other teenagers who always put themselves down become more proud of themselves through friends, family, and love.
    Speaking of family, I also got to realize that your relatives are your best companions who you can trust, and who trust you back. Lucy, Sam’s pretty, popular, perfect sister who usually cares nothing but fashion and boys, showed her care and concern for Samantha- Lucy actually gave up her boyfriend for Sam! Wow, that’s one great sacrifice for a girl like Lucy, and I won’t even have the smallest courage to dare to try. Even if your closest family member doesn’t even seem to worry one bit about you, they end up being your most beloved, one and only friend. They may act indifferently, but actually, they really do care.
    I learned many more things from this hilarious and thrilling book that I can’t put in words. [All American Girl] gave me laughter and tears in my heart, and I would like to recommend it to any young adult looking for a twist. Also, I look forward to more of Meg Cabot’s books.

  3. Hanging on to Max by Argaret Bechard was an amazing book. I had a remarkable journey reading about Sam's life. Sam's character was unfailingly real. I couldn't believe he was determined to keep Max and raise him up alone. He was so courageous and loving that he didn't want to give up Max for adoption. I learned a lot from Sam's perspectives. He's a splendid character that is willing to take full responsibilities for Max.
    What really interest me from this book is about Sam's life with Max. At the beginning of this chapter, I thought Sam wouldn't be able to take care of all the responsibilities. As I learned later on, in this chapter, he is eagerly up for the challenge. This challenge was taking care of Max. I was astound by Sam's reaction. Although he was a senior and it was his last year in school, he was determined to do whatever it takes to keep Max.
    However, Sam played an important role in this book. I learned a lot of lessons from his experiences. He knew that he would suffer the consequences. But then Sam was capable to make it work and show everyone that he has what it takes to be a good father. I admire though the way he handles his situation. Sadly, though, he had to give up Max for adoption in the end. At this moment, I was shocked to see that it happened. I never thought that he would give up Max.
    Unfortunately, the only way for him to get out of this mess is to give him up. I can imagine how he felt when he was going to put him up for adoption. This book creates a realistic image of Sam. Now, I can see how other teens like Sam go through this kind of situations. They go through a lot of stress and responsibilities.
    However, I can say that Hanging on to Max will take you on a journey to happiness and sorrow. It creates a fantastic lesson for some teens out there. It, definitely, teaches some great lessons. I just love how Bechard wrote this book. I really enjoyed it from the beginning to the end.

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  5. Among the books that I read in this class, I definitely will choose Hanging on to Max by Argaret Bechard for the favorite one. To me, reading a book was such a boring subject which I could hardly finish one book with patience. And I did not read a book not because I like the storyline and plot but because I had to learn English. However, when I started reading Hanging on to Max, this book really drew me in and stimulated my sympathy. Through the story, I could both agree and disagree with Sam’s actions and the book’s flow.

    First of all, what I like about this book was the main character’s background and reality. The two themes were, in a way, unusual and also familiar. Especially, when the story started with a teenage boy taking care of baby, it caught my attention right away. The beginning definitely seized my attention and curiosity because this kind of situation has happened around me. The storyline approached to my perspectives easily because it provided Sam’s thoughts which I had in common such as talking about SAT and plans for after graduation. His immaturity and similar intentions that all teenagers share attached my mind. It made me assent with him.

    Secondly, I loved the part when Sam tried hard to keep eye on Max and to take responsibility for duties. I felt bad when Sam missed the past time with his friends and the time when he did not have to worry about feeding Max or even having a baby during a teen age. It showed how difficult it is for a teenager to be a responsible parent when they have to concentrate on their studying and baby-sitting at the same time. Every thoughts and reactions of Sam was real to me because there were a lot of parts I also have thought and experienced. When he struggled with handling all the works, I felt sorry for Sam and the really incites my emotions.

    Last of all, the most important and significant part I like the most was when Sam talked about Sex from chapter three and eight. I thought this part frankly described how all the teenagers think of sex. It illustrates how immature and unprepared we are when it comes to sexual relationship. Sometimes we think the love we are experiencing right now is real. We pretend and want to believe that it will last forever. But, this book drew what really happens when we idealized things when we are too young to see the further outcomes. It exactly and precisely depicted our uncontrollable impetus toward curiosity and sex.

    As in all, when I first got this book, I was not interested in reading it. But as soon as I read chapter by chapter, I was drawn in into the story because it felt as if I was the one who was experiencing the Sam’s situation. Because he was a teenager, like us, I could agree with most of his situation and thoughts. Not only teenager’s curiosity toward sex seized my attention, but also his responsibility for Max, struggles toward future and studies, and stresses kept my eyes on the book till the end. Last of all, I liked the book itself and enjoyed reading every single chapters which taught me and made me realized what should I do and avoid.

  6. My favorite book is Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman. This story is about Vince Luca, a teenage boy of seventeen who lives in a family of mobsters. He doesn't like his family's job, and he doesn't want it to effect him. This book is interesting and had a deep impression.

    I liked the book Son of the Mob because some of the funny lines and word choices in this story made me laugh hysterically. The names of the uncles, like Pampers, Bite-me, and No-nose, are characters I will remember. That is why I like books like this, which make me smile.

    Son of the Mob is like a new version of Romeo and Juliet, and I think this kind of drama is very exciting. Kendra's father is the FBI, while Vince's father is a mafia. Vince and Kendra's love is so sweet, despite they are live enemies. I think you can do anything if there is love.

    Since the characters are about the same age as me, I could relate to this book. Even though Vince's situation is a little different from mine, he still has the same problems of a normal teenagers. I found Vince wasn't too different from me, and I had more interest in this book.

    This book was like a real life Italian mob story. I enjoyed the characters. I would recommend the book Son of the Mob to everyone who likes humour, romance, and stories about mob activities and their way of life. I can't wait to read the sequel of the Son of the Mob. I hope there is more action and suspense.

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  8. All American girl is the book i choose by Meg Cabot, why? because that my favorite so far, i think that this is the first book that about a girl that i just read, it talks about what she’s been through. And I think that this book was actually for females not males.
    another reason why i chose this book is that this girl Sam seems to be an interesting character she tells me "US" as I’m reading through that she like the color black and that what she prefers using to school every day the color "BLACK",. i can relate to this but i actually use black clothes everyday to school it’s also my favorite color.
    Sam is a talented girl her talents are drawing I can’t relate to this because i don’t know how to draw. The book says that Sam really love to draw celebrities for her classmates.
    what I found interesting either is when Sam that she’s so in love with Lucy’s boyfriend, Lucy is Sams oldest sister a very popular girl at school, I really find this funny because knowing somebody that likes you sister boyfriend would be so upsetting if you’re a sibling.
    The most thing I found interesting or let’s say it my favorite part of the book in this event is when she saved the president from getting shot at while the president was in the cookies store. she saved his life. i just wish that somebody like Sam could save my life like how exactly how Sam has saved the president's life.
    This is my favorite book because I’ve never read a book that kept me so busy and I was so into it either because books like this makes me cry!! This is the very first time that a book that made so calm after reading, I just hope there would be actually another book like this for me to read and cry some more crying is another thing I like doing when reading.

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  10. Son of the Mob is a kind of unrealistic story and it has a lot of ironic events that makes me focus on the book. The story really got my attention from the beginning because of the fact that Vince’s father, Antony Luca is a head of a huge criminal organization. There are many advantages to this relationship because for that reason no one dares to touch Vince so for teachers gave him good grades. But he didn’t like it being treated that way and he thinks that is how his life is always going to be.

    I like Vince’s character because he is very powerful but still confusing between himself and his father. He doesn’t like his father’s job and doesn’t want to involve in it. Many conflicts between Vince and his father was one of the thrills of this book. He is confusing between luxury and righteousness. But turning down a life of luxury was unexpected. Most people would have jumped at the opportunity for that much wealth because most people desire wealth and power.

    But later he found out that his father is not the only problem between their love life, the Kendra's father is an FBI agent, who is working day and night to stash Vince's father in jail. This is the most ironic event in this book. From here, this book shows the son of the mob's struggle in his social life, and how he tries to overcome all obstacles. But I like the ending because this book is a happy ending.

    When I was reading this book, it made me think a lot and gave me many lessons. It was about a real life of son of the mob and he hates everything that his father stands for. But he can’t do anything because his family could live luxury because of his father’s job. That fact made him lied to his girlfriend, Kendra but I like still like it because at least he was being honest to himself which means he didn’t tell her because he doesn’t feel like to tell.

    Each of us has our fate. Our circumstances, heritage and reality give us our own destiny. But sometimes we can change that or maybe we can’t change our fate but we still have many different paths to get there. Sometimes we’re trying to run away and hide from the reality but we need to face that reality and move on. I really like this book it’s about this one teenager boy’s life, who refuses reality and trying to change his life.

  11. "Friction" by E.R. Frank, the best book that I have read among including the other three books. It was such a teenlike book treated themes which might be happened to anyone. The book was a novel an fiction, but it would be a nonfiction around the world and it caught my eyes and attention to it the whole time when I was reading it.

    First of all, what I like the most in the book was that it treated the best sport in the world which was soccer in my opinion. This proportion would not be having so big deal in the story, but existing itself just giving relax and time to spent on it.

    Next, totally, it should be possibility to happening in our life. A new girl who just transfered to our school and had troubles or, therwise, she she made all those troubles. I could understand that the girl should be lonely and felt nervous, but her way to making friends was absolutely wrong.

    Finally, a girl named Stacy, who just transfered, had some bad hurts in physical and mental emotion of being raped by her own father totally shocked me when I read this part. On the other hand, I thought it could be happened to my relatives around me, because I have read this kind of news on the newspaper one day.

    To wrap this all up, this book was on the common reality, but when this terrible thing happened, it should shock everyone. Furthermore, I was one of the crazy fan of soccer and it just made me tremulous even if I just heard the word "soccer". However, the book gave me so great time to read through all the chapter of words with not even missed any of important parts. It was so fun and I liked this book so much.

  12. I enjoyed my first book, How to Ruin My Summer Vacation, the most. This book is about a teenage girl who has some family and attitude issues in her life. The main character, Amy, is a lonely, immature girl who pretends to be strong. She thinks she’s tough, but she’s actually not, and she needs more love. In the book, Amy learns some life lessons, and I was able to realize how complicated problems work throughout her character.
    Amy is at the point where teenagers have the most sensitive minds. This is what I liked mostly about the book. It felt like Amy was describing how I feel at times. She expresses her thoughts, which made her seem mean and rude sometimes. Although she is a little straight-forward, I think this personality of her is what makes her attractive to some people. She is going through more than she looks like and she tries to hide something important that she needs to let out.
    The second thing I liked about his book was how it showed the love of parents. Amy’s parents were never married and this was like a big complex to her. Both her parents absolutely loved her, but the way they expressed it to her was just not enough. Her mom was always busy with work, and her dad was hardly ever around. I think many teenagers go through this process. This is not only for kids whose parents are divorced, but also for those parents who are not separated. At this time of age, everyone needs more love than their parents can give them. One thing I learned from this part was that, no matter what, the love of your parents never changes. This is why Ron had never given up on Amy, even when she didn’t treat him like a real father.
    Another thing I like about this book was how Amy learns to think back about her wrong actions and attitude she showed to others at the end. Her way of expressing herself was wrong, but I think she never had the chance to learn how to do it better. She always felt like she didn’t belong in this world. She was lonely, but she didn’t want to show this to anyone. Towards the end of this book, it was like she did self-examination of herself. He decided to be truthful to her feelings; not in a bad way, but in a positive way. She realized that all this time, what she really need was her dad. She wanted her dad to be with her, not only on special occasions. Also her love with Avi always made me wonder what will happen next. They were always fighting, but they reached the point where they really needed each other and understand their situations.
    Every one of us has different problems, emotions, and ways to solve problems. I would say that family problems are the most common thing anyone can experience. By reading this book, I learned a lesson that hiding my true feelings will not solve anything. When you think you need love, then you tell the person you need it. Telling the truth doesn’t make you look weak. Also, there were times when Amy seemed a little selfish. As I was reading, it made me realize how people would think of me if I gave them negative attitudes like her. Amy is a lovely, charming character, but sometimes, her words can hurt others. I learned not to say anything that will leave a scar in another person’s heart. It was interesting to read about a person, who has similar emotions as me, but solves the problems differently than me.

  13. Aloha everyone. My name is Lea Masga. The book that I’ll be writing about is "Hanging on to Max". This book is nice and that’s why I choose this book instead of the other books that I've read.
    I choose this book because it sounded interesting to read about a teenage boy who decides to keep his baby and take responsibility. This book is really heart touching. It’s rare to hear that the father is the one who is going to take the baby, usually it’s the mothers. I think this book can really keep all the young teens reading. It’s interesting, exciting and it’s a story everyone will be into reading.
    While reading this book I encountered a chapter where Sam (the teen father) stands up for his son and takes responsibilities. I think that Sam did the right thing. This book can be a good lesson for teens. The reason being is so teens can learn that you don’t have sex for fun or for the pleasure, but you have to watch out for the consequences that may appear. Teens seem to think that if they have a baby, their boyfriends/girlfriends are going to stay with them forever.
    The disappointing thing about this book is when Sam let a tiny little problem get in the way of his father and son relationship. He put Max up for adoption and it freaked me out, because it was all of a sudden. This book is a heart breaking story.
    Overall I enjoyed this book. I guess every story doesn’t end perfectly. Hanging on to Max kept me reading and I didn’t want to put the book down, because its amazing to hear that the father of the baby is the one who is taking care of his son. Hanging o to Max touched my heart. I enjoyed this book and I wouldn’t mind reading it over and over again. Thank you!

  14. The book “Hanging on to Max” by Margaret Bechard was an amazing book. I chose this book as my favorite book in class because the way Margaret Bechard wrote this book just made me want to keep reading the book over and over. “Hanging on to Max” is about a boy, Max, that just wants to go through life like all normal teenagers but when he gets his girlfriend pregnant everything in his life changes. When Brittany delivers; at first she decides to keep her baby, few weeks later she decides that she couldn’t handle it and gives Max up to Sam while she starts a new life with her family at Boise. Sam is determined to show everyone that he could take care of a baby, his responsibility.
    I like this book because I don’t read much but after reading this book I found myself reading most times. It’s hard for me to book a book down, especially when the book is about teens and real life. I would actually like to thank Mrs. Napalan for making me read a book that would be interesting. This book didn’t even bore me; I did not want to book the book down and I finished the book in two days.
    I think teens my age should read this book because this book will make you think twice. This book is the kind of book that will inspire teens to think first before you do something you will regret in the future. Brittany gave Max up after a week he was delivered and I bet she is regretting what she had done to Max. Sam gave Max up after he was a year old. At the end of the book they are united and it doesn’t look like Sam regretted what he had done to Max.

  15. “Hanging on to Max” was the most memorable book to me. When I first got this book, it seems like it was a boring book. By just looking at the front of book, I could tell the story is about a baby. But when I read several chapters, I was already having a fun reading “Hanging on to Max”. Since the story was based on teenage life, there were many things that I could think more deeply about myself. Teenage life is full of curiosity, but teenagers should know what is right or wrong. I learned teenage pregnancy could affect our academics, future, and relationships with other people.

    Basically, the story is about a teenage pregnancy. Sam, the main character and Max’s father, was having hard times in his life. He was a high school student, but at the same time he was a responsible father at his house. Sam couldn’t concentrate on just one thing, without any helps from people; he was trying his best for his jobs, but it wasn’t working that well. If I was Sam, I might give up my son, because in that young age I believe academic is more important than my child. I know it is not going to give up my child, but for my future I will take a risk to success in my life.

    Max was a huge effect at Sam’s education. Sam was good at math, but he wasn’t care about his interest or dreams. He and his dad made a promise that Sam will work at the construction place after he graduate from high school so he can earn money to raise Max by himself. I think Sam really enjoys doing math, but because of Max, he had to give up his dream. I learned there should be a sacrifice to achieve something.

    By reading this book I learned that life decision is very important for us. Our decision in present can change our future. There is no future without a present, present really matters. And I believe Sam made a big mistake in his life. Because of Max, his relationship with his family got bad, his grades went down, and he was about to not go to a colleague. And taking care of baby and doing school works at sometime isn’t that easy. Even I don’t have enough time to do other things because of school works. I believe Sam gave up about his education after he became a father.

    Teenage pregnancy is still an issue for teenagers and parents. There are still students who are living a life like Sam. Also there are students who give up, kill, or leave their baby somewhere, because they realize they can’t raise their child right now. Teenager should read this book and learn how will be the life would be if a child. Teenagers should realize this is not a right time, and we can’t raise a baby while we’re in school.

  16. My Favorite Book is..
    “Hanging On To Max”
    Hanging On To Max is my favorite book because it’s a book that is related to the real world. I realize that having a baby at a young age for Sam is hard especially he doesn’t see Max everyday because Brittany’s parents don’t really want Sam to be around Max. This story really made me fall for the whole book.

    This story is kind of related to my situation. Actually Sam and I do have the same situation. I’m a fifteen year old girl that’s going to have a baby at a young age. They may say that having kids is a very serious responsibility. Yes, that is true, but for me nothing is hard in life as long as my baby and I are happy together.

    I never thought that this book was going to be that interesting at all. I never really got into this book till I really got to know how Sam’s story is like. This story is really heartwarming and gives you a feeling that wouldn’t want you to stop reading the book. Reading chapters that tells the reader about Sam’s situation with Max is kind of Sad. It’s also sad to here that Sam only lives with his father because his mother has passed away already.

    In reality, this books tells the reader true things, it tells us how hard it is for young teenagers to have a baby at a young age because they still go to school and they do not really have time to take care of their children. Another thing is, they don’t have jobs to support what their baby will always need. But because it’s their responsibility now, they try to find ways to keep their baby healthy, well taken care of, and well loved.

    Compared to my situation, now that I am going to have a responsibility like Sam, I have made so many plans for this small family that I have a responsibility for. I want my child to grow up the right way and a way that will keep her in my arms forever. Never will I think of giving my baby out for adoption no matter what hard life we go through.

  17. My favorite book that I’ve read while taking this class is “Hanging On To Max” by Margaret Bechard. I chose “Hanging On To Max” as my favorite book because it is realistic, heartwarming and interesting, and it leaves you craving for more.

    First off, “Hanging On To Max” is very realistic. This book has a lot of truth in it. There’s a chapter in this book that says how often boys think about sex. I think that the statement about “boys and sex” is true because that’s what most boys think about. It shows you what can happen if you have unprotected sex at a young age. This book reflects on many teens and describes how some teenage lives are.

    Secondly, I thought that “Hanging On To Max” was very heartwarming and interesting to read. As I read this book, it was almost IMPOSSIBLE for me to put it down. Being a person who never liked reading at all (not even short stories); this book has definitely changed the way I felt about reading. Because of this book, I like reading books more than ever!

    Lastly, I chose “Hanging On To Max” as my favorite book because it “leaves you craving for more”. I think that this book can change a person’s way about reading and can persuade other people to read more. A lesson can be taught and many things can be learned from this book.

    In conclusion, “Hanging On To Max” by Margaret Bechard is my favorite book because it’s realistic, heartwarming and interesting, and it leaves readers craving for more. I wouldn’t mind reading any other books by Margaret Bechard. “Hanging On To Max” is the BEST!!!

  18. My best interesting book is “Hanging on to Max”. I fall into this book’s attraction because the parents are teenager. It doesn’t mean that I like this book cause of teenager parents. It is little bit impact story because a student that is like same age as me is having a baby. Not just that, a boy alone is raising a baby boy. That is why this story is interesting.
    A boy who is in this story is same age like me. But this boy has different life not like me. He is having a life as a parent. I want to call Max a “Brave Teenager Parent”. Because in that age the teenager parents have no responsible for the baby and they will just take their baby and just adopt but then I don’t know where did Max take his courage and that is why they raise him.
    And this story is a different story that starts from a boy and they start to raise him. And the choice that they start to raise him was Sam’s choice. Raising a baby as teenagers, have to loose a lot of things. Like their normal work or jobs and their dream of future and you have you loose your situation now. And a person that looses everything like this and chooses a baby is Sam. But he is getting tired and tired of the choice that he chooses. And his present and his agony got bigger and they just adopt Max All of this is not a someone’s reason it is as Max’s parent Sam’s choice.

    Over here I as the same teenager, I had a indirect experience. If I were Sam…. no I mean if I were in Sam’s situation….. Even I will choose adopt like Sam. I feel like this story is telling about importance of teenagers. I wish not teenagers even adult see this story. Don’t think weird about the teenager’s pregnancy and just think that they still have their dream and about make them loose their problems and just help them and that is why I wish adult can see this story. And at last the teenagers that read this book, your friends in your age you can take more care at them and think how important are they and follow more about your movement. Now teenager’s present, and now teenager’s agony that they are taking, and now teenager’s have been fall into problem…. All of this is now adults are taking and have been experienced, and it is a experience for the parents who is raising a baby now. Making a family maybe easy but then it’s hard. I wish now teenagers and the parents who is raising a baby, could get more courage

  19. Friction is thee book. The cover of the book wasn’t all that, but the book was the bomb digity. I really enjoyed reading the book Friction because it really relates to me, in so many ways. Yeah, the cover page was something but it’s just that. I love the characters in the book; they played a really good role. This book is not like any other, I wasn’t into it when I first looked until I finally read it, and when I did I didn’t want to drop it for anything. I encourage anyone and everyone to read friction.
    So, the cover page of the book, when I first saw it I was like Mann, but that’s because it just looked boring. It’s the kind where if you see it on the ground you wouldn’t even pick it up, unlike the book All American girl, the cover page looks so interesting, you would want it from so far away. I think it’s just me I’m not really a fan of reading I have to like to read it but how when I know nothing about it. LOL it’s confusing but reading is okay not a habit for me.
    I say the book relates to me in so many ways because it does. For one the high school drama that’s going on definitely been there, done that, lol. I mean there’s always some one at least one person that would want to take you down. But other than that nothing really, the whole Simon and Alex and Stacy making that lie, oh no, never been through that, never want to try. I just really like reading books like this, its so high school like and that really interests me. Anything that talks about high school or drama I’d like to read, lol.
    The characters in the book really played a good role. I love how they are and just love who they played in the book. Alex is probably thee best character in the book. I thought Stacey was just a typical drama queen, I like that lol. Tim was also another interesting character I thought it was funny though how he ended up with Alex later on.
    Overall the book was thee best. I love everything about it. It kept me up all night. I wouldn’t trade for anything else. I loved it so much I wish there was a movie to see. This is probably the best book I ever read in my life. I’m glad I took this class, and got the chance to read it. Friction is a very interesting book.

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  32. It sounds like it would make for an interesting mini-campaign. I'm looking forward to your report and pics. Good luck with the English Civil War figures. It's a period I wouldn't mind getting into myself, having fought several games at my old club using Armati rules. I'm also horribly tempted by Peter Pig's 15mm Sudan figures, but that's another story... ;)
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