Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Books of your choice

So you have developed a hunger for reading and you are on your own.... If you have chosen to read a book that is not on the reading list, make sure to write what you think about the book that you are reading. Tell me about the characters, the plot and the events in the book that you find interesting. You should not limit your blog to these requirements but write about your thoughts or developed ideas from reading your book of choice. Good luck and have fun reading!


  1. Final
    I haven’t really like reading books that relate to reality because it reminds me of how boring my life is. That’s when recently; I had library class for second period; which meant I had to READ books. I thought it would be a drag because I have to lay my eyes on words all day long. But then I realized the books I were given to read were related to real life and it was hilarious too. I never thought that there are certain books in this world that are interesting.
    One of the books that I have read that made me express my emotions all at one time was “How To Ruin My Summer Vacation.” I enjoyed the story a lot because it’s about a teenage girl named Amy with separated parents and has to live her life with one or the other parental authority constantly. But Amy is the kind of girl with an attitude that makes her tough and liked by many people but obviously teenagers have their downfalls too. She doesn’t let others get away with things and that’s the kind of person I am too.
    I guess fantasy books are my most desired things in my life because it involves the impossible and I want myself to be in that story. But in books like the one I have read knows how most people feel and it helps boost their self confidence and consideration of others. When I first read “How To Ruin My Summer Vacation”, I thought I was going to die of boredom because of too much drama. But as I continued to read on any further; that’s when I grew fond of it because I never knew how it touched my human heart.
    The problems of Amy’s life are understandable because she talks about it clearly. Stubbornness in a teenager’s personality is clear too because I have the same. I don’t like talking to people especially kindly when I’m mad because I just want to be left alone or with a close friend. I don’t like talking to my parents when the made me angry just like Amy not talking to hers when her parents didn’t want to be together. I guess that my peers are part of my life to compromise with just like many others that are with Amy.
    So my favorite book that I have learned to appreciate was “How To Ruin My Summer Vacation” because it’s great for those who have troubles at times mainly if you are a young adult. I’m a young adult and I enjoyed this story and if you read this book, hopefully you’ll like it too. That’s it for me, and I look forward to hearing that you will be fond of the same thing too. Just remember though, parental supervision is not advised.

  2. I am reading a book, Eleven Minutes by Paulo..However, this book isn't divided by chapters...So i decided to write summaries everytime where i ends up with..that day.

    The story begins with a woman introducing herself as a prostitute. She talks about her childhood when she first felt a love with a boy. She described that she could not get closer with that boy because he never tried to get to know her.

    : When I read this section, I recalled my memories when I first felt a feeling..that I liked someone. I did not clearly realized what the feeling was but though i was young, I tried to get along with that boy and give him good impressions to catch his attention. I was young..(elementary kid)and this section just reminded me of "childhood love???"haha..

  3. -second.
    This section the woman named MARIA talked about her teenage year when she had a boy friend. She tried not to make a same mistake that she made when she was a child. However because now she is a ninteen years old and is curious about a sexual relationship. Now, she starts to describe how she were seduced by a sexual love with a boy.

    When I read the part she experienced a kiss with her first boyfriend, I felt that this is what all the teenagers go through and it was an ordinary reaction for me. When we first have a boyfriend and girlfriend, we all become so curious about the adult stuff that show in the movies. To be honest, I thought Maria really and frankly expressed her curiousity and experience in this section.

  4. -Third.
    this section, Maria had a trip and met an Arab guy. This guy deceived Maria and tried to bring her to Swiss. He lied that he works in a model agency and persuaded her that she can be rich. She decided to follow him, but the truth was that the a model agency was a decoy..and the actually job was a dancer in a night club.

    I was shocked about the fact that she was easily deceived and follow the guy whom she just met at the beach. And I felt sorry for her when she found out that she cant escape the situation,because she had already signed the contract. She was ALONE..in the place where she didnt know anyone..but only herself. At the same time, she desperately wanted to know what is a meaning of LOVE. Even though she consequently got hurt from every man she met, she could not give up to seek for the actual meaning.

  5. Fourth
    Maria started her job in the night club because there was no way she could escape in a strange country. She tried to accept her present and still…wanted to find a love. She met a client but there were some rules in the work. One of them was “do not fall in love with a client.” Her first day of the work was pretty much new to her..and…mostly unfamiliar…the fact that she is a prostitute who is selling her body.

    In the section, she mostly described that how she accustomed with a guy who just wants to spend a night with her..and I was pretty shocked that she just accepted the request right away when he paid a big amount of money. And when she started to get used to next…and next clients..and all the sexual relationship, I was disappointed because it seems like she wants to lose her virginity in order to find a love.

  6. Fifth
    By being a prostitute, she now knows how to deal with several guys…not in a way of doing SEX but in a way of listening to the guy’s life story…their worries and so many stuffs that distorts their happiness. And she studies in order to get closer with areas the clients are involved in…so that she can be also a good adviser.

    In this section, I literally realized that …she actually knows to how to get what she is doing. She is not a woman who just wants to enjoy and feel pleasure…and waste a life with repeating dirtiness. She tries hard on being a good friend to all the clients and that makes her smarter..wiser..and classier. She keeps seeking for a further and better future and she also plans for her future love. What keeps reminding me is that she still couldn’t find a love and that makes her struggling. AND I thought that she wants to find love and the pleasure through this JOB. I wondered “Is sex only way to find a meaning of love?”

  7. Sixth
    Maria went into a coffee shop and met an artist who offered a drawing for her. Although he just met Maria, he found a unique light from her and he desperately wanted to draw the light…and her in a drawing. And after the drawing, he told Maria that he has liked her since he went to the club she works. She could not get what he meant and tried to ignore what he just said. She knew that she can not fall in love with a client.

    In this section, I liked the fact that he frankly told Maria about his mind. To me, it was really romantic when he just seized her attention by saying the "light"....And when he said it in a right moment that...really touched and changed her mind.

  8. seventh-
    She "as I expected" fell in love with the artists...however, while she was feeling attraction form the artists, she met a client who finally makes her realize the pleasure she has desperately longed to feel. Although she described the night with the client was sort of painful but she felt the pleasure she has not felt in her whole work period. Now, she wanted to feel the same feeling from the artists but...the artists tried to teach her a feeling of the pain through walking on the stone floor. and by feeling the pain throught the rigid and rough stone cutting her feet, she came to the limit of the pain which is not same as the pain she felt during the sex with the client. She finally realized that pain has limitation and she now is no longer afraid of the pain she will face...

    In this section, she described sex and intercourse in details..however the points she wanted to pick on was the pleasure throught the pain. ..
    I mean..Maria really and honestly expressed her thoughts and minds about sex and love..Sometimes her explanation of sex..is really precise and i dont get most of the part because it is still diffcult for me to understand all the figuratiuage language and the descriptions with a lot of prepositions. BUT! I understand the flows..and what she was trying to say. I think she's just hard on herself...and tries to panick to reach her limit. She wants to believe that in order to understand love and satisfy herself, people need sex and the pain...

  9. eighth-
    maria bought a ticket to go back to Brazil.
    She could have delayed the dates but she decided not to do so...because she wanted to make her mind. She decided not to fall in love with the artist. the climax was..that she finally realized that the reason why she did this job was..to earn money. Not because of love...but because of money...
    However she withdrew all money she has earned eventhough her bank manager persuaded her not to do so. She said she has enough money to buy farm for her parent, live her life..and live with freedom...

    In this section, I was pretty much shocked..because I thought she was going to continue the relationship with the artist...
    But I also impressed when she gave up the greedy toward money..and knew how to stop when she knew it is enough. I felt she is getting wiser through her job and all the dreams she dreamt of. She learned through those and found clues of where to go...for next step.

  10. 1. I’ve chose “The Secret” by Rhona Byrne. This is my first time to read a self-help book.

    When I start reading this book, the author was talking about “the secret” but author wasn’t explaining anything about it. All I could find was quotes and the statement from some professors I’ve never heard of. They were saying “life is a secret”, “secret help me into a success,” or “you can get whatever you want”. Their statements hooked me up. I wanted to find out what is the secret they are talking about. The secrets that were hidden from a long time.. I think this book is getting interesting.

    2. Now author was talking about the secret, it was a “law of attraction”. The secret that this book was talking about was a law of attraction. And wow, William Shakespeare, Lincoln, Emerson, Beethoven, Hugo, Newton, Einstein, Edison, and other greatest people in history knew about this secret. This “law of attraction” was discussed by many religions back in the history about three thousand years ago. But this secret was kind a different from what I was expecting. Basically this book is saying that the secret works in our human body, by thinking it attracts things. I think it this is getting complex.

    3. I thinking I’m going to have a headache before I understand this secret. Now this book is telling that we should watch what we say, because every time when we talk about bad things, we are attracting bad things to us. I think that is hard, then we have to be careful every time when we talk about something from out mouth. But I think this make sense, I don’t think we wouldn’t get any benefits for talking bad things. I think I understand little bit of this “law of attraction”. So far I know our thoughts and imaginations are the key of this secret.

    4. In this chapter, author talks about experience from a student. This student was always bully by other students. When he walks, everyone around him teased him. So he sends an email about his everyday life to a professor who knew about the “secret”. Professor sends him an email back and said “You are thinking about what you don’t want to be happen, read your email again, it is all about what you don’t wants in your life.” Then after few weeks, people who bully that student moved to another place or stopped bullying. I think it is all true, I didn’t know what we thinks affect us this much in our life.

    5. Author says there are many different ways to get close to the “Secret”. After reading this book, I should be careful about what I think. It is going to be hard, because human think every second except during sleeping time. But by thinking good things instead of bad things, I won’t attract any bad happens to me. Also I feel powerful since I start reading this book, I think it is amazing that my thoughts can come true in real world. And I realized that everything what this book talks about was all true. I think this book is something different from other book.

  11. 6. In this chapter, professors and author explain how to work this law of attraction effectively. First is to say and think whatever I want, second is believe it will happen, and last was to receive. It sounds simple, but it’s not. Like second one, believing means that feel like I’ve have what I want. Well it will feel good, but just by imagining it won’t feel that good. But somehow I feel the life is kind of simple by reading this book. It this “Law of attraction” works for whatever I want. It is just like a have some kind of magical power.

    7. “Say thank you everyday” this statement really touched me and I think about myself deeply after this chapter. Most people are unsatisfied with their life, we complain about ourselves every day. And I think it is true I’ve never satisfied with my life. Author says we often forget to thank for just living in this world. Also we forget about people who aren’t born healthy like us. There are people who can’t see, talk, walk, smell, or hear which what we those every day. Author made a good point, we should thank for what we have right now.

    8. In this chapter it was secret about our human body. This time, it was an experience from the professor. Few years ago he had a plane crash accident. His injuries were horrific, his neck was broken in two places, his diaphragm was destroyed, and he couldn’t breathe. Also his swallowing reflex was destroyed. All he could do was just blink his eyes, but he didn’t give up. He made a goal that he will get out of the hospital by Christmas. He practiced breathing, moving, and then walking. Everyone said it was a miracle, and he said every day he imagine him walking out of the hospital by himself. Once again this proved our imagination and thoughts and become true.

    9. As I read through previous chapters, it sounds like everything is possible with law of attraction. All we have to do is ask for it, believe it, and receive it. In this book there are story about a man who bought house which he exactly wanted in the past, a man who earn amount of money he wished, and a woman who cure her cancer without any therapies. They said they knew how to use this law of attraction to do whatever they want. And I believe this law of attraction is true, because there won’t be any bad happen will come to me if I always feel happy about life.

    10. I was having a headache while I read this book, because there are so many things to remember, understand, and be careful in our life. Understanding and learning how to use “The law of attraction” is all unfamiliar to me. I wonder how greatest people knew about “Law of attraction” back then. People who knew about this secret didn’t want to reveal to other people. And I’ve got a question by reading this book, thousands of people would have read this book and learn about the secret. If people know how to use “secret” then they would achieve everything they want. I believe there are limits for everything then some people won’t achieve whatever they want. I wonder what will be the author’s or professor’s answer would be.

    After reading this book

    I didn’t completely understand about the law of attraction, but this book made me think more deeply about my everyday life and reminded me a few things I always forgets, like “feel thankful” for living. Also I learned that if I think about anything that is bad, I’m attracting those bad things and I learned I should be more concern with everyday thinking. And try to feel myself happy every moment. I sympathize with what professors’ and author’s saying, what they said in this book sounds all true, although I didn’t understand perfectly. This was my first time to read a self-help book and I’m satisfied with it.

  12. I chose the book “How to Ruin a Summer Vacation” by: Simone Elkeles
    “How to Ruin a Summer Vacation” is one of my favorite books so far. I wasn’t that much into reading, however the books Mrs.Napalan has in her library are the kind of books I’ am into and I rarely find books like the one’s she has. How to Ruin a Summer Vacation is a very funny book! I chose this book because it can relate to my life, and this is a chick book so what girl wouldn’t dig this? [:
    How to Ruin a Summer Vacation is about a young teenage girl named, Amy Nelson. She never got along with her biological father, Ron Barak. Ron has never been there for Amy, the only time he visits her, is on her birthday. Amy mentions in the book that she wants a father who will always be there for her 24/7, not only on her birthdays or any special occasions for that matter. One day, Ron decides to call Amy, he tells her that he wants her to accompany him to Israel. Ron’s mom, Amy’s grandma, is sick and Ron wants Amy to visit her grandmother before anything happens to her. Like any other teenage respond, Amy says “No Thanks!”… Amy’s mom insists that she accompanies her dad, and she tells Amy it’s time she spends some real bonding with her father. The only choice Amy has at this point is to pack her bags, because she’s going to Israel!
    Amy’s actions are understandable. Chapter one explains why she very rude and stubborn towards Ron. In the beginning and middle of the book she despises her father, but when she learns the real truth behind her father’s ignorant actions, Amy’s behavior changes, from being so rude and obnoxious, to being so loving and caring. Amy is my favorite character in this book. She demonstrates a strong character; she’s willing to do whatever it takes just to get on with her life.
    In the middle of the book, she starts to face some obstacles. She doesn’t get along with her cousin Osnat who is about the same age as her and the one boy who she thinks is so hot, gives her the same attitude as Osnat does his name is,Avi. In the book, Osnat and Avi are the two people who give Amy a hard time trying to enjoy Israel, and throughout the book Amy is constantly finding herself more problems. Amy, as stated above is a strong character and sometimes she has too much pride in herself, that, that’s what gets her into problems. I guess every teenager can understand why Amy acts the way she acts.
    Towards the end of the book, wouldn’t you know it, Amy and Avi are drawn to each other and this part of the book really changes my mood, but in a good way. Every time I was reading this book, I kept asking myself, “when are Amy and Avi going to get along or when are they going to hook up” The part where they get close to completing each other is the part I enjoyed. It’s kind of a life learning experience story and a love story in a way. I guess this is why I enjoyed this book the most because of the romantic side it has in it.
    To conclude, I never judged/doubted this book though the cover looked so je june, I wasn’t just going to judge this book by its cover. I loved how everything fell into place, it wasn’t the kind of book that confuses you with life stories, as in what’s meant to be in the beginning is said during the middle and last part of the book. This book is great for people my age, because we can relate to it and it sends out a message. It’s never too late to make changes in your life, like how Amy finally accepted Ron and now she goes by the name of Amy Nelson Barak. This book was hilarious and sometimes sad at times, however I enjoyed every minute I had reading this book and I hope you do too. Happy Reading [:

  13. I’ve always been captivated by reading stories from the past and my interest to the title itself which reflected to me a bit. The past is relatively interesting so we don’t repeat it and this book Silent Boy by Louis Lowry in no doubt sparked something in my noggin. During those times disabilities and autism were still a new discovery to them, and they weren’t aware of it. The main character Katharine Thatcher is re-telling a story that to me seemed like a biography, but actually was fiction with true photographs to portray the story. Silent Boy was named after Jacob Stoltz, Peggy, the house-helper’s brother. He has a good moral and tried to help out in this story, but ended up in a horrifying ending.
    Katharine and Jacob weren’t the best of friends, but she saw something in him other people didn’t. They barely knew each other, and people knew Jacob as an “imbecile.” Jacob wasn’t very bright because of his mental disability, which they call “touched in the head.” His way of communications was through making sounds, movements, but never talked. Katharine’s father, Henry Thatcher M.D. is a doctor and hires Peggy as a house-helper. Katharine’s neighbor, the Bishops, also already had a hired-girl, but was Peggy’s older sister, Nell. Katharine has other friends too, but most of all; the important one is Austin Bishop, he has a older brother named Paul.
    The first several chapters of the book weren’t as attracting as the other books we read, but later on got really interesting. The point that which caught my eye was when Katharine’s father was called, and the Bishop’s father was called out. To what, I was thinking? Jacob was missing. Katharine said something like “This would change my view of Jacob Stoltz forever.” Then I was really wondering what?! I started to think he was inside Katharine’s house stalking her like some freaky psycho trying to rape her. Instead he was hiding in the barn, and just shivering there, scared, and lonely.
    Later on I found out that Jacob took Nell’s unasked for baby! Jacob had this thing for animals, but then thought I about when Peggy said he drowns newborn kittens that weren’t taken good care of; he drowned them in the river. I guess to just relieve them of their misery is what he thinks. At the end I guess he is wrongly accused of killing the baby, and is sent to the Asylum. Katharine never had the chance to see him again. Although she asked her father if she could heal those people at there, but even he said he couldn’t.
    I really saw this book as a great book and had some moral behind it. Katharine didn’t know a thing called “disability”, “handicap”, and “mentally insane”, whatever you want to call it. She saw him as a normal boy, but didn’t speak and just used sounds and movements to communicate. Imagine if we didn’t know that until now, and we still called them “imbeciles” how would that feel, if we were in their shoes? This book just raises a question in my head that I can’t explain or say. It’s too difficult to concoct something to compare. All I can say is that I like the way Katharine thought about other people and wish some people could be like her. Instead of putting down people she saw something in him and tried to cheer him up. If we only judged someone on their appearance, what they say, what they do, how can you judge them, when you yourself are human and incapable of telling what’s really wrong deep down inside someone else? Anyways, I think this book is really great I hope to read more and THANKS MS. NAPALAN for these books, time, knowledge, and fantastic class! The books were like a haven, I felt like I was somewhere else, and at some other time…. PEACE!

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