Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chapter 20 - Stand Tall

Sheila, the dance instructor says, " the tango is about despair and emotional power. It was born during the time of economic hardship. People danced it to express the sadness in their hearts." In the end of the chapter, the last three sentences says, " The music ended. But not the pain, That's the point of the tango." How does these two statements relate to Tree's life or Sophie's. What do you think these statements means.


  1. Chapter 20
    Wow. With the help of Tango from the ballroom dancing, Tree and Sophie got the chance to express themselves and own the dance floor. I liked how Sophie showed Amber who was the boss during her dance; I guess that made Amber mad and jealous that she can’t do anything about it. YEAH! I guess there things people can do to get back at others who did them wrong and it proves as not a bad thing like the dancing. I guess Tree and Sophie know their true pain and with that they understand how expressing it wll make them feel all right about themselves. I guess the tango really does relate to Tree's and Sophie's at the same time.

  2. Chapter 20
    I think that when you are dancing, it makes you forget about everything and sort of relieves the stress. In a way, dancing the tango controls the emotions. It takes out the feelings that have been kept inside. Sophie and Tree are both expressing themselves by dancing the tango. They’re both living in misery but, as they are dancing to the tango, they feel like it’s gone. I think the statement meant that Tango makes you feel relax and it shakes off the burdens that are inside of you. It just throws out everything bad. The pain inside all of sudden slides away. You feel like you’re in a state of freedom. Once the music to the Tango stops, you get back to reality.

  3. I think what they are trying to do is good so that they can become more sociable and more confident on what they do or what they are going to do and I think that is good for them cause it will actually help all of them a lot in the future like me when I first started I had to get used to see people watching me on the alter I had to get used now that I do that I have no problem dealing with be sociable in many and I think that this chapter is a cool one.

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  6. Tree and Sophie is at the ballroom dancing. Personally, I hate dancing because I'm so bad at it. If I was Sophie, then I would do anything to avoid it. Anyways, they're learning the tango, and it made me feel more weird. Tango feels like it's for old peple to me. But the meaning of tango is touching. It was funny how Tree had to make himself shorter for Sophie. I think the last two statements relate to both Tree and Sophie. Tree's parents' relationship has come to an end, but there is still a scar left in Tree's heart. That's also the same for Sophie. Sophie also has some family issues and school issues. Everytime someone bothers her, it comes to an end, but she's still hurt. I think the statements mean that whatever the problem is, it eventually ends, but there are people who are suffering from it.

  7. I think the dance made Sophie calm down and decrease her madness. I think the statements relate to both Sophie and Tree. They both have some family issues and it still remains in their heart as a pain. And it can also relate to all of us. Everytime someone makes you piseed, even if it ends, it still remains as a scar in your memory and your heart. You just have to try your best to minimize it

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  12. YEAH! I guess there things people can do to get back at others who did them wrong and it proves as not a bad thing like the dancing. I guess Tree and Sophie know their true pain and with that they understand how expressing it wll make them feel all right about themselves. I guess the tango really does relate to Tree's and Sophie's at the same time.

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