Monday, May 25, 2009

Chapter 19 - All American Girl

Do you think David was right about Sam? If you were David, would you have confronted Sam that way? If you were Sam, would you have reacted the same way? Sam listed the 10 facts about Dolley Payne Todd Madison. Why do you think she was paying attention to those facts? Do you think this relate to her situation in anyway? In what way?


  1. For me I would totally do what David did to Sam. Of course I would confront her and tell her how I feel, I would let her know that she hurt me so bad and all I wanted is to go to that party and just have fun but, not to be used. If I were Sam I would react that way because he just found out what had happen and I don’t want him to feel bad that I did use him. I would react that way but also I would also tell the truth and not lie to him. I would let him know that I do have a big crush of Jack but not in front of Lucy because she is the girlfriend of Jack and I do not want her to get really mad. For me I think that she pays more attention to Dolley Payne because Dolley is kind of like her in some way like for example Dolley did save an important person before just like Sam did and I think she mention she’s also like Sam in some ways.

  2. I think about that David is right all this time. If I were David actually I wouldn’t have the guts to con front Sam because she a girl and what I think I would really do Is just leave her alone because she deserve a chance to treat a guy like this but not a guy like me in person. I would not actually not know what to do if I were really sam because I would be really scared of this guy david because hes really big and stuff compare to sam maybe he would just hit her down on the head.

  3. Samantha was feeling so sorry for David, because a lot of other people asked so much things as such as rude questions in Sam's thought at the party, but David not as seemed as he got mad or irresponsible about those questions rather than he enjoyed it. One day after the party, David dropped Samantha and he revealed his feeling about that night. He mis understood Sam like as other girls did to David. David thought that Sam used him for her authority.

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  5. amantha was feeling so sorry for David, because a lot of other people asked so much things as such as rude questions in Sam's thought at the party, but David not as seemed as he got mad or irresponsible about those questions rather than he enjoyed it. One day after the party,

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