Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chapter 18 - Stand Tall

Please post your thoughts or comments about the events in Chapter 18 here.


  1. Chapter 18
    Tree is still in the process of getting used to the divorce with his parents. I can tell that he really misses the times when his mom and dad would laugh together on the beach and all the stuff that happy family do together. He loves his parents so much but he doesn’t like it the way it’s now. However, Sophie got the part for playing solo for the assembly to play the flute. I think that Sophie is a great flute player. I can imagine her playing already. I know that Tree was happy for her when she got the part and also when he made a score for the first time he didn’t miss when Sophie was there. Tree pretended like it always happens but it’s his first shot and I think he’s getting good at it. A lot practice makes it perfect. It actually feels good when you finally do something right.

  2. I think this chapter is very touching because he is wishing that they had a devoiced memorial and I think that is very sad because for a person to think of that really hits them and sometimes they tend to take things like blames and other stuff in like they blame them self for making their parents fight even though it’s not them and I think that is what tree is think and I feel for him and I think he should just keep staying cool as always. If I were him I would try to do the things I love the most to take away the pain.

  3. Chapter 18
    It seems nice to know that Sophie got the solo for the concerts she wanted to be in. I guess that Tree is also proud of her too because it makes someone happy. I guess when people are happy, it spreads around. But for some people they think is't annoying but I think it's all about opinion. I really don't like Amber and her other friend that tease Sophie for no reason and it's getting on my nerves. I just want to beat the air out of them. I know fighting isn't the answer but it sure does make me feel better. It's a good thing that Tree and Sophie don't feel that way or they would get in trouble.

  4. Tree is going through a rainy weather. Personally, I dislike rainy days because I hate it when I get wet, and everywhere is muddy. Tree is still having trouble with his family issues. I don't know what else to tell him now. I think I've given all the advices I can and now I'm running out of them. Sophie has earned a solo. She plays the flute and I think she really treasures her instrument and music too. I understand her passion of playing the flute because I used to play the flute too.

  5. Tree seems like he misses the time before his parents are divorced. And I think he's still not used to it. Sophie have earned the solo part on her Flute. And she's working so hard with her passion. I hope Tree does that too on his basketball skills. If he work hard with his passion and enthusiasm, he will become really good that he no longer have to disappoint his dad anymore.

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