Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome Students

Hello my Manta Ray readers! I'm taking you for a little bit of adventure this semester through reading books but you have to promise that you have to read everyday until you have read from cover to cover. You'll have to work through the middle part and yes, there will be times that it seems "boring" or dragging for you but I can assure that it will end well and it will be worth your time.

Some of you, it will be your first time reading a book while others have made it a habit to read. Don't worry, I wont be grading you for the books that you previously read but you will be graded for the particular book assigned to you at the given period. You will have to make sure to keep-up with writing your comments on the blog. I want to hear your thougths, atleast 100 words per day, and I am less interested of the summary. Tell me what you think about the events or characters or themes in the chapter and the reason for feeling that way. Tell me if you can relate or not relate to the main characters and give me reasons why that is.

You will be reading four books this semester but don't worry, we will take things one day at a time. Remember, even if I am at home on my bed rest for my delicate pregnancy, you are still responsible in completing your task everyday. I will be checking your work from home daily so don't slack-off.

Other than that, enjoy reading!

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