Friday, February 6, 2009


Hello book club members! It's Mrs. Napalan here. The movie came out this weekend and most of you have read the book. What do you guys think about the book and how is it different/similar to the movie?
Let me know what you guys think. Have a great weekend! See you all on Tuesday at 1:00 for the book club meeting at the library.


  1. Hey, i really want to watch the movie so i can tell students which is best... read Coraline or Watch Coraline...? since i haven't watch the movie yet, i suggest the students to read it before watching Coraline.. i think its a AWESOME book... Other students say its scary!! hahaha, its not.. its more like creepy and freaky.. I could say that i love this book, coz its more of my type(gothic, dark, adventure,etc) As a Book Club President... i assigned my whole members to read Coraline -which some did- and the ones that read it were amazed by Coraline's bravery.

    So to the students out there... Try reading a lot, coz you'll never know that one day they'll make a movie out of it.

    I read Coraline when i was 7th grade.

    and guess what?!?!?!?

    They finally made a movie out of the book i read 5yrs ago..

    Alex Joseph

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  3. I: Chapter 1: Coraline is an only child in her family and in the new building she and her family had just moved in. I think that Coraline is a bright child; she goes out and explores new places. I think that she might want to travel around the world some day. When it rained Coraline had to stay inside and when she did she found a door. She had a nightmare and voices were singing to her after her and her mother had opened that door. I think that Coraline is a brave little girl, I wasn’t even as brave as her when I was young and I would wake up crying when I had a bad dream, I wouldn’t even go outside if I heard something scary.

    II: Chapter 2: I thought that the old man upstairs were creepy when he told Coraline that his mice had a message for her. But then I read on and I think that he really knows what the mice are saying because the mice told her not to go through the door. I think that Coraline should listen; she should listen to what the mice had told her and not go through the door. Especially after Miss Spink and Miss Forcible had told her that she is in terrible danger. If Coraline doesn’t listen to what anyone had to say then I wonder what will happen to her at the end of the book.

    III: Chapter 3: Coraline is so naughty; the mice told her not to go through the door and Miss Spink and Miss Forcible told her that she is in terrible danger and that she had to watch out but she still went through the door. Coraline wasn’t even scared when she saw a person that looked like her mother and father but with buttoned eyes. Coraline had entered in a whole new world where it was exactly like hers and the people had buttoned eyes. I thought that that was so weird and why isn’t Coraline being scared and running away, It’s like she new them already.

    IV: Chapter 4: Coraline’s mother had gone to the store so Coraline went through the door. The animals in the other world could talk and she thought that the other world was way better than her world. I was still wondering why Coraline isn’t afraid of the talking animals in the other world. But then I thought that maybe she wished that the animals in her place could talk to her the way the other animals talked to her. It’s amazing how Miss Spink and Miss Forcible performed without real audience, their audiences were dogs and they could talk as well. Coraline was a little terrified when her other mother wanted her to saw buttons where Coraline’s eyes are in. Coraline went back home.

    V: Chapter 5: I felt sorry for Coraline when she went back to her world she was alone; her mother hadn’t come home from shopping for food and her father hasn’t come home yet. Also, Miss Forcible and Miss Spink had gone to visit Miss Spink’s niece. It took Coraline a long time to figure out that her parents were kidnapped by her other mother. I thought that Coraline calling the police to report a kidnap was kind of funny. I thought that it was so brave of Coraline to go back to the other world and search for her real parents even though she knows what her other mother might do to her.

  4. VI: Chapter 6: Coraline woke up from her the other world but in her bedroom. Coraline went down to talk to her other father but he couldn’t really talk to her because the other mother would be furious if he did. After reading that part I thought that the other mother was the one who controls everyone, what they did and who they are. Coraline goes out exploring the other world; I would do that too if my parents were missing and I had a feeling that the “other mother” took them away from me. So sick, Coraline’s mother is eating beetles and she’s not even cooking it or anything. I feel bad for Coraline, she was disrespecting her other mother so her other mother put her behind the mirror door. Poor Coraline, she must be really terrified and she doesn’t even know what might be in there.

    VII: Chapter 7: In this chapter, Coraline is still trapped behind the small, dark room behind the mirror. I kind of got scared when I read the part where Coraline felt something like a face, a cold face. I thought that they would scare her to death or something but they didn’t. Coraline is so lucky to find the three children there as well as the three children running in to her like that. I feel like the other mother just wants her own child so she waits for any random child to pass through the door and she’ll to make them hers and if they don’t want she snatches their parents from them. Coraline is determined to find her parents and the three children’s hidden hearts as soon as she gets out of the dark closet behind the mirror.

    VIII: Chapter 8: Coraline finally got out of the closet, her other mother fetched her out the next day. Coraline made a bet with the other mother and at first I that the other mother wouldn’t agree and accept Coraline’s challenge but she actually did. So Coraline’s Deal was if Coraline could find her parents and the three lost souls then the other mother would let her go but if she couldn’t, the other mother would keep her forever. Although Coraline hesitated to say what she wanted to say I’m glad she said that. I thought that was a brilliant idea, I could tell that Coraline is planning on tricking the other mother further in the book. It’s so great that coralline found the little boy and a girl’s soul, also that the real misses Spink and Forcible gave her the rock with the hole in the middle.

    IX: Chapter 9: I despise the other mother even more, she isn’t even playing fair. She swore on her right hand but she still tried to kill Coraline. What’s worse is that she stowed the other father in the cellar because he told Coraline too much information. The other mother made the other father kill Coraline but Thankfully, Coraline was too smart for her doings and got out of the cellar. Coraline seriously wanted to go back home but she hugged herself and told herself that she could do if. I thought Coraline was even braver; even after her other mother tried to trick her and the other father tried to kill her she would still look for her parents and the last lost soul.

    X: Chapter 10: Coraline went up to the other old man’s flat where there were a lot of rats. And the other old man tried to convince her to stay. I thought what the other old man upstairs told her was really convincing and I thought that she would stay but then Coraline said life would be boring if you get what you wanted without begging for it. I thought that it was actually true. Life would really be boring if everyone would just get what they wanted. I’m glad Coraline actually made a friend in the other world, I thought she wouldn’t. She and the cat are the only real things in the other world. The cat was the one that told her to challenge the other mother and he caught the marble with the soul in, she almost gave up because she thought that she felled everyone.

  5. XI: Chapter 11: Finally, Coraline, the cat, the three souls and her real parents all got away. She knew where her real parents were all along, she just didn’t see them in the globe. When she tried to trick the other mother I was kind of terrified because if Coraline’s plan doesn’t go how she planned then Coraline would stay in the other world forever. I’m glad Coraline realized that the other mother wouldn’t keep her promise. I thought Coraline was going to sacrifice the cat but she didn’t, she just threw him to the other mother to distract her a little so they all would be saved, even her real parents.

    XII: Chapter 12: Coraline is finally fully out. No one remembers what had happened in the other world or maybe they just don’t want to talk about it. I think that that whole experience made Coraline appreciate her parents even more. Like they said “you’ll never know what you had until it’s gone”. Coraline ate her father’s recipe and went to bed that night. She dreamt of the three children; not in the marble, not in a dark closet but their real selves. They were all w\having fun then they told her that it wasn’t over, she swore on her right hand but she lied so she will be back.

    XIII: Chapter 13: She did come back; the other mother came back for Coraline but it was only her right hand. The other mother wants Coraline and she isn’t giving up until she gets what she wants. Coraline pretended not to notice the other mother’s right hand wondering around her, following her wherever she went. The other mother wants the key back and Coraline is not planning on giving it up to anyone now that she knows where he key led. Coraline tricked the other mother again; she pretended to have a tea party on the well but she was really waiting for the other mother’s hand to grab the key and fall into the well. Coraline’s plan was a success. I really thought it wouldn’t and that the hand would follow her wherever she will go.