Monday, February 9, 2009

How to Ruin A Summer Vacation - Reading Log Due Dates

Hello Manta Ray Readers!
Here are the due dates for your comments. Make sure to mark your calendars.
February 13 - Chapters 1-7
February 20 - Chapters 8-14
February 27 - Chapters 15-21
March 6 - Chapters 22-30 and prologue


  1. I feel like things aren't really going well on this chapter because Amy expects to know what and who or whats happening next. She shouldn't argue back or ask for a fight. Her father would tell her "fair enough" and she would stay mad at her father through a long drive. she should just make things easier between her father and let things slide.

  2. Mrs. Napalan, Could you please post new due dates for How to Ruin My Summer Vacation for March!! (It's my second book....)