Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chapter 1- How to Ruin a Summer Vacation

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  1. Chapter#1
    I think this book is pretty boring because it is not my type of book and its kind of a chick flick book. I think Amy is being harsh on her identical father and she’s being such and ass and I think she doesn’t want to see her grandmother who is bed rest now and can leave any time, I think she should forget tennis camp and visit her before its to late for her to see her and get to know her, and for me she should cancel her tennis camp and visit her grandmother in Israel.

  2. Amy is the main character of "How to Ruin a Summer Vacation." She is only sixteen years old, and just like any other teenage girl she has a best friend named Jessica and a boyfriend named Mitch. She lives with her mom who dates many guys. Her parents were never married, so she only sees her dad during her birthdays. Amy plans to go to a tennis camp for the summer until her dad, Ron, calls and asks her to go to Israel. Her grandmother, who Amy didn't even know she had, was ill. After reading this first chapter, I felt that she misses her dad. She wants him to be next to her and help her whenever she needs him. Amy is mad and upset about the fact that she can't spend time with Ron often.

  3. After reading the first chapter, I thought of how the rest would turn out to be. I think it's really interesting. i enjoyed reading the first chapter, but i have a problem with Amy. I think Amy is a really rude person and has no respect.
    She is so stubborn and doesn't have respect for her father Ron. I think the father too is trying his best to keep the
    connection between them, but i think Amy has no interest in it. She hates her father Ron for giving up on her and her mother in the first
    place, but she has no idea about what really happened.

  4. Chapter 1
    I think chapter one was hilarious for me when I first started reading it. Knowing the life and mind of a sixteen year old female teenager, named Amy, in this book, “How to Ruin a Summer Vacation” has made me realize there could be much worse things happening elsewhere. I believe it is a great chapter because it tells me many things I need to know beforehand as I continue reading on with the rest of the chapters of this book.

  5. Chapter1
    What I think about chapter 1, is that its funny and interesting because it talks about a sixteen year old girl who got stuck in a bad situation. Which she ends up spending her summer at Israel with her father she barely knew. In addition she was expecting that her summer plans would go well because she was expecting to go to Tennis Camp until her anonymous father Ron Barak decided to take her on a trip to visit her sick and ill grandma who is in Israel. She thinks her mother ruin her summer as well because she agreed with Amy’s father.

  6. Chapter one
    - I think that its just how teenagers would react to decisions that they had planned but changed so suddenly. She’s acting like a little girl because she wants to go to camp but her mom won’t let her. Her father she barely knew came and ruined her summer vacation. He comes in and wants to take his daughter, Amy to Israel. She whines ,whines, whines, whines, and whines. Her mother would not make her go to the camp she has been dying for. It’s best to try new things; at least that’s what I always say. Mommy still trying to convince her to go with her father but she still refuses and complains. She is too stubborn, I hate stubborn kids they make things harder for everyone. so far the story is boring to me. :/

  7. Chapter 1
    Well, first of all Amy just has to loosen up for a change. It really doesn’t hurt to go to Israel to check your grandma and see her for the very first time. She just thinks of herself (self-centered). She can’t hate her father forever; I think she should just get over herself and go along with her father. Seriously, everything doesn’t revolve around her. As for her best friend Jessica, I think she is pretty cool going along with Amy’s father. In my opinion if Amy really wanted her best friends opinion she should stop acting like a brat and just listen to her friend. Why ask when you’re not going to consider it.

  8. Chapter 1
    What I think about this chapter is kind of a sad situation for Amy Nelson because she is about to go on a summer vacation to Israel with her father, Ron, who she barely knows or talks to for sixteen years. I found it funny at the same time because she thinks that her whole life is messed up just for going on this trip to Israel, where she calls it a “ war zone”, and that she thinks she’ll be drafted if she goes there. She should be even happier to go and get to know more about her father. This is her chance and a great opportunity to bond with her biological father. It could be difficult at first but, I think, in the end, it’ll work out. She just has to give it some time.

  9. Chapter1:
    I think that Amy should go to Israel in the summer with Ron so he can be happy. It will be nice if Amy meet her grandmother in Israel .and I think that her mom want her to go so that Amy and Ron can get to know each other more. And Amy should like Ron because that’s her dad. And Amy’s summer is not going to be ruin. Ron is a nice guy Amy should like him. So that what I think about chapter 1.

  10. I could understand both Ron and Amy's opinions, since Amy has other plans and Ron needs relief for his mother. Amy's just exhausted by the love she couldn't recieve by her father; Ron had done almost nothing what a real father could've done, and her mom's boyfriend isn't even a dad himself. I know how it feels to cancel first plans because of abrupt changes. Plus, in Amy's situation, she's going on a trip to a warzone she'd never gone before with her biological father, who barely keeps in touch with his own daughter.
    Although she may have some discomfort, Amy should be out of her world and open up to her dad. He's her blood line, and they can't ignore each other forever. Amy kept saying that both of her parents weren't even trying to live like real parents. However, when Amy kept avoiding the chance to be with Ron, I saw that not even Amy herself was trying to fix the relationship with her father. I hope everyone, Amy, mom, and Ron, all get along and live as one family.

  11. Chapter 1
    Amy is the main character of “How to Ruin a Summer Vacation.” She’s a young girl about my age and the one person she dislikes the most is her long lost father. One day he decides to call her up and insist she accompany him to visit her grandmother in Israel, because she’s ill… Amy is really mean and she obviously doesn’t care what her dad has to say to her, good or bad, she just doesn’t care. Besides being mean she’s really stubborn… I can understand where all her anger is coming from, however Ron (Amy’s dad) is trying his best to build a father-daughter relationship. She should at least show him a little more respect. I like this book, it’s really interesting!!