Monday, February 9, 2009

Son of the Mob - Reading Log Due Dates

Hello Manta Ray Readers! Here are the due dates to post your comments on the blog. Please mark your calendars.
February 13- Chapters 1-5
February 20 - Chapters 6-10
February 27 - Chapters 11- 15
March 6 - Chapters 16-20


  1. chapter #1 vince likes this girl named angela and their goimg on a date . alex, vinces best friends , trys to help him out iwth the date because he dose;nt want vince date to be ruined because alex has no love life and he trys and get gilrs through vince. i think that alex should stop doing that and get girls on his own. when vinces gose on his dates it gets ruined when they fined a guy named jimmy rat knocked out in the trunk because tommy put him in there . if it was;nt for tommy then his date would be going good.

  2. Ms Napalan, Ms Clemon is taking care of the library while you are gone, because of the books that needs to be returned before student's get overdue fines. We can't access to the internet is there anyway we could?

  3. Mrs. Napalan, you didn't post Chapter 13 Son of the Mob in the blog. Please post it, or we can't put our comments there...