Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chapter 10 - Stand Tall

What does Tree's grandpa mean with this statement, " We've all lost a piece of ourselves.War does that-it blows things up and leaves an empty place where something important used to be." What does this mean to you.


  1. Chapter 10
    I think what Tree's grandpa meant by that statement is that being in a war can change you after experiencing the horrors of the battles. I also think what he meant of something important used to be is their control of themselves in the war and make themselves forget who they are. I know how it feels in battle too, it makes me think everyone on the other side is my enemy and I feel a deep hatred towrds those who are against me. So I guess I think that's what Tree's grandpa meant; or I could be wrong. But him saying that makes me wonder hwat it really meant.

  2. Chapter 10
    When Tree's grandpa said this, I think that he meant war can change everything about you. It makes you forget about all the good things that you left behind. It erases all the most important things and people in your life. War is all about battle. Your mind will be constantly thinking about fighting and war. War is about killing your enemy. It corrupts your mind, soul, and body. I think that war can do a lot of damage to you. There are a lot of consequences and regrets. War gives you a mind of emptiness. It blows up all the wonderful memories that you have kept. This is what Tree's quote meant to me.

  3. It was the first night of ballroom dancing class for Tree and his friends. I think dancing classes are interesting for girls, but boring for the guys. I think it’s cute when guys are taking dancing classes. When it was time for partners, Tree was dancing with Sophie. I think they’re about to be closer friends. I think Tree feels comfortable being with Sophie because she says words that cheer him up. She knows what right and wrong. Tree and his brothers just don’t know how to get over with their parents divorce. Losing a happy family is hard for them. It feels like something is empty. Sometimes, I understand how they feel and sometimes I kind of get frustrated because they don’t know how to understand their parents. Curtis and Larry just wants to blame everything on their mom because they no way to fix this problem and control themselves. I think Tree will be able to fill up his mom’s empty space with Sophie.
    I think grandpa's statement means that we lost something very important to us. Sad situations leaves us a sad ending and takes away something away from us. To Tree, that very important thing would be his family and war wuold be his parents' divorce.

  4. So tree is going to a ball room dancing class I can imagine how tall he looks a suit it will look so cool his height and a beautiful girl there just waiting for him. I think that he has a crush for her I think that someone should just hook both of them together because I for once experience having a crush and it sucks to see that girl alone so if I were somebody hook both of them up soon so that they can be together so that tree can be with someone and so that he can experience a relationship.

  5. I think Tree's grandpa's statement means that everyone lose something that they used to have. Nomatter what the reason is. And one of the reason that it's lost is from the war. War usually takes away people's important things, like Tree's grandpa has lost his leg. And when the things are gone, there is some kind of empty space in your head, and your mind.