Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chapter 26 - How to Ruin My Teenage Life

Please post your comments on chapter 26 for How to Ruin My Teenage Life.


  1. The day to kidnap Avi has finally come. I think this mission was half accomplished and half failed because they found Avi, but got caught by the security. This kidnapping thing was crazy. I think Amy gives a hard time to the people near her. Her friends had to suffer and get hurt by helping her. If I was Amy’s friend, I’m not sure if I would have accepted this favor. I know I should help as a friend but this thing is too dangerous. If it was something more important than kidnapping a boyfriend, than I would do it. I want to try hiding hint her dark with a walkie-talkie. It would be a thrill. I can tell that Avi still likes Amy a lot because he just stayed and did as Amy asked; even with those uncomfortable handcuffs.

  2. Chapter 26
    This chapter was hilarious! I didn't expect them to really kidnap Avi but I guess they did! I think Amy actually made real great friends even though the kidnapping didn't really turned out quite what they had expected... and got caught too. But other than that, it's a great plan for Amy and Avi to get back together again without any interruptions.. I hope. But this is a great thing to read and it changes the whole aura with each other and dealing with it like that makes a good feeling for fun.

  3. I really liked this chapter. Amy did a good job on trying to get back with Avi. I can imagine them kidnapping Avi and everything. Oh and the security part was funny. Nathan couldn't handcuffed Avi and that was just funny and crazy, too. It was just so hilarious with the way they planned it and how it turned out to be. Nathan and Jess were really there for Amy. I think thats what are friends for. Nathan actually did a good job but Avi really got him there. He sure hits hard. I'm just happy that Amy got a chance to talk to him.

  4. / This is like mission impossible or something! When I first heard she was going to kidnap Avi, almost instantly I scoffed at the book; come on, Avi is a soldier who went through even the roughest trainings. Four normal students- Amy, Jess, Nathan, And Miranda- capturing a buff, brawn man sounds pretty nonsense.
    / hahah it was hilarious when the campus security called out of nowhere!! I bet they were in panic, thinking it might actually be a big issue involving the law. At least nothing bad really happened, and it all went just okay.

  5. Amy and Miranda make a plan. Even Nathan and Jess help them. I have question for Amy. Why Amy want kidnap? And then what she want from Avi? She want something money? Or his life?!
    Joke~ but that was really wondered. And they succeed their plan.