Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chapter 2 - Stand Tall

Based on what you have read so far, describe the setting of the story. Was it set in the modern time? Where did the events in the story takes place? Describe setting of the story?


  1. Chapter 2
    I can tell that Tree is trying to live happy even though his parents are divorced. It’s his first Christmas since his parent’s divorce. So I feel sorry for him that he can’t spend his Christmas with both of his parents. I think he’s going to have it separately. (I hope not). Somehow, Tree sounded like he’s hurt but, then, he hides it away. He doesn’t really show it. I think he’s the type that doesn’t show that he cares about something when it hurts him or bothers him and just pretends that it’s just the way life is for him. I wonder if like somewhere in the chapter, he actually expresses himself or something. It’s hard to see who Tree really is in this book. I wonder, though, what will happen in the next chapter.

  2. I think this chapter is very emotional because trees mom is trying to change the emotion of her three sons and there’s always a problem her son tree never likes to share his emotions and I think sometimes you have to express them towards family members so that they can help you in times of pain and sorrow. I think what their mom is trying to do is to tell them that no matter what I will always be there for you and I will always love you and that don’t let anything interfere with our love and our family.

  3. Chapter 2
    Well, I feel sorry for Tree since his own parents seem to still be a loving family but I still don’t understand how the mother can still say that and yet her and her husband had a divorce? But I think it’s still okay since he still gets to communicate with his mother and talk about how they feel before an upcoming holiday. Just like the past books I read, they always have a pet; a dog. Having a pet is like a comfort for some reason, somehow so that they would never feel alone even if they are depressed. I like that about books, it is like time is just a passerby. The setting changes from his school to his house and then some where else. I don't think it's set in modern time because his garndfather's leg was taken from him in the Vietnam war which gets me confused. The setting is very constant and it gives an isolated feeling.

  4. Tree’s parents are divorced, but I can tell that their love for him didn’t stop. Tree’s mom really tries to keep her relationship with her children close together. I think it’s hard for Tree because he doesn’t like expressing his feelings, as I thought. I know he misses his mom, but I think he’s still hurt from his parents’ divorce. I think his height is making him uncomfortable because he’s too tall. Now he doesn’t even fit in his desk. I wish I was tall enough too. I think his dog, Bradley, is like his best friend. He makes him comfortable and makes him feel like he’s a family member. Um.. I'm not really sure of the time of the setting, but I don't think it's really the modern times. Tree's grandpa was in the Vietnam war and I think that's a long time ago. The book doesn' tell the exact date. Well, the places would be mostly at Tree's school, since that's where almost everything new happens to Tree. Also, it would be his house and the hospital his grandpa is in.

  5. Even though his parents are divorced, Tree tries to hide his sadness and live happy. I felt sorry for him, but at least, his parents still love him. I think that his tall height makes him some kind of uncomfortables. He won't show others that he's sad, because people often says that big boys doesn't cry. And I as same tall guy can understand how that feels like. Anyways, I think the time of the setting is not much different from modern time. Because just as tree's grandpa, many kids' grandpa is from Vietnam War, as well as my grandpa.

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