Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chapter 30 - How to Ruin My Teenage Life

Please post your comments on chapter 30 for How to Ruin My Teenage Life.


  1. Amy decides to take Avi to a club with her friends. One good news is that Jess has finally gone over Mitch and she thinks she’s in love with Tarik. But, the bad news is that he’s a Muslim and Jess is Jewish. She’s so disappointed, but I think their religion can’t stop them from liking each other. Someday, they’ll find out something more important than this. Nathan suddenly changes, and I’m glad he’s come to the real Nate. I think you should never hide the real you from anyone else. If you can’t be who you really are, then no one will be there for you. When Nate dedicates a song to Amy, I was laughing because the lyrics were so funny. I think it really describes her; in a bad way though. I think this is a time to solve all the problems. There is one surprise at the end when Bicky comes to the club. I was expecting something more romantic when they were together, but they were more like arguing. I wanted them to be a lovely couple! I think girls always make to make sure of the guys’ love. Amy does one stupid act to make sure of Avi’s love towards her. She just runs into the street and I was like, ‘Wow she’s tough.’ I know that Avi really loves her and I knew he wouldn’t just stand there. Lucky the car didn’t hit Amy. I think this book is a happy-sad ending. Everything worked out well, but Avi has to go back. I thought maybe the author would make a really really happy ending and make Avi stay at Chicago somehow, but this was just my expectation. I think in the next book, something more will happen between Marla and Ron. At the end Amy was asking Marla how she thinks about Ron and she’s thinking that Ron is interested in her.

  2. Chapter 30
    What a great way to end a story! Especially with everyone together and enjoying themselves. I guess when everyone gets along; there will definitely be no troubles or any bad things ever to happen, but this is reality so it sometimes happens. Too bad that Avi still had to go back to the army but I do know that Amy will be waiting for him no matter what. My favorite character is Nathan, somehow I seem drawn too him, like a hard shell who has been smoothed to be loved by the ones who care for him, like Amy and her friends did. This story helped me by inspiring myself to enjoy life while I can and not do anything stupid that will cause such a great feeling to be a downfall. With this blog, I fare thee well.

  3. Think it really describes her; in a bad way though. I think this is a time to solve all the problems. There is one surprise at the end when Becky comes to the club. I was expecting something more romantic when they were together, but they were more like arguing. I think that girl that talked about her uncle who is part owner of the security or that place that there at Is pretty nonsense because it’s not her but it’s her uncle that is the part owner and I think she is just trying to show off about her uncle which is kind of conceded for me why talk when it’s not you.

  4. / Another book has ended. I hate to admit it, but It has ended...T_T It's not my first time I finished a book in Reading Rave ll (in fact, it's my third), but everytime I end a book, a rush of wanting more always comes. It's so sad when you end something just when you're having a blast. I'm looking foward to other books by
    Simone Elkeles.
    / Aww, poor, poor Jessica! I thought she finally found the boy of her dreams (and her parent's dreams), until she knew that he's... well, not what she expected. Personally, Tarik and Jessica actually look good together, and I wished they hurry up to go out. If Jess didn't mind the religion, she would know that Tarik is an awesome guy like Avi. Come to think about it, this whole situation is like [Romeo and Juliet], in the religion version-Jessica as Jewish Juliet, and Tarik as Muslim Romeo. Too bad they're not meant for each other..:(
    / I've only heard of Bicky just a few times, but when she literally appeared, I was kind of surprised. I did expect her to be pretty and all, but she was way more wasted than I thought. How could she just run out of rehab? Bicky definitely needs more mental therapy.
    / Amy and Avi now have a stable relationship, that I believe will never change (FINALLY!). There were the times when they argue, break up, envy, and misunderstand. However, throughout all these rough times, they made it together and put full faith into each other. I'm so happy for Amy and Avi!

  5. Amy and Avi with their friends were going to party together. But there really big!! Reversed like Nathan’s girlfriend came in party. She’s name is Bicky and she know that Nathan kissed Amy. So, Bicky fight some with Amy. But Amy’s boyfriend Avi solves that. They are looking so good Amy and Avi. I think they felt loves each other. And I wish this book end happily. Because this book’s title is “How to Ruin My Teenager Life.” But is not Ruin!!! It is retrieval. It means Amy and Avi was not boyfriend and not girlfriend but they go out again and Nathan and Bicky also met again. That is good thing. I think next book will be “How to temptation My boyfriend mind.” Amy and Avi’s love story?! LoL~ I hope next book~

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